TODAY   |  May 23, 2013

Fashion alert! Obama’s prom pictures released

President Barack Obama’s 1979 prom photos were released Thursday, showing him in a white blazer with three other classmates. He wrote about his prom date in his yearbook, saying she was “very sweet and foxy.”

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>>> us have cringe-worthy photos from our big night to prove we were all awkward teenagers at some point. well, now thanks to "time" magazine, we have proof that even the commander in chief donned the white dinner jacket . there he is, that is 17-year-old barry obama at his senior prom in hawaii in '79. president obama 's classmate released the pictures to "time" complete with the yearbook inscription to her calling her, quote, extremely sweet and foxy.

>> this was his friend's girlfriend?

>> no, it was his date. he called her foxy.

>> this is the friend's girlfriend.

>> but i don't know if it's more troubling the white jacket or that he used foxy at 17. who says?

>> it was '79.

>> exactly.

>> there's a lot probably great about being president. having your prom photos out for everyone to see, not one of those.

>> the ladies knew they looked good, that's why they released the picture. if you thought you looked bad --

>> guys don't look good in