TODAY   |  May 23, 2013

Kmart releases tongue-in-cheek ‘big gas’ ad

The retail giant debuted a new commercial that advertises a discount on gas for every $50 spent in store. Thanks to a little wordplay, the ad is going viral.

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>>> kmart are at it again. we showed you their tongue in cheek ad that sold the virtues of shipping your pants.

>> now advertising a huge discount on gasoline. take a look.

>> oh, i hate these big gas prices .

>> sounds like you could use some big gas savings.

>> i'd love big gas savings.

>> save 30 cents a gallon.

>> 30 cents a gallon, that's a big gas discount.

>> a really big gas discount.

>> really big gas discount.

>> this solves your big gas problem.

>> totally solves my big gas problem.

>> look at that big gas truck .

>> hello, big gas man.

>> get big gas savings. save 30 cents a gallon when you spend $50 or more at kmart.

>> i think that's great.

>> by the way, mission accomplished . they put this online 11 hours ago, it's got a ton of hits.

>> i want to see how many outtakes there were.

>> well, basically they blend it together so much it doesn't matter.

>> you think they designed the ad campaign and then said, okay, we'll make it about gas.