TODAY   |  May 22, 2013

7 tips for fabulous feet

Amy Synnott-D’Annibale from InStyle magazine says that women should take care of their feet by rubbing a pumice stone over the rough spots and mend cracks by using a buffer and lotion.

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>>> how many times have you crammed your feet into heels too high.

>> and then ran all day long while balancing the weight of a heavy handbag. all of that can do damage to your feet.

>> how can you undo the damage?

>> how?

>> and care for your feet? i have her name. amy "in style's" beauty director.

>> you're going to take us through the decades, 20s, 30s, 40s and way beyond.

>> in your 20s, your feet are pretty resilient at this stage, but winter, everybody's had their feet in boots, so we suggest a foot facial . soak your feet in epsom salts , use some pumice, slap on some of this exfoliating lotion, and sunscreen.

>> on your feet?

>> oh, my god.

>> this is a great one from -- neutrogena.

>> put socks on after you have the lotion. in the 30s, you're losing the fat cushions on your feet.

>> the only place you're losing fat.

>> my feet are getting wider. how is that?

>> wow.

>> wider, but bonnier. they say to only wear heels for two or three hours, but if you can't give up the heels, you can try these foot petals. it keeps your feet from sliding around. it also prevents that horrible toe crunch you get.

>> which can lead to hammertoes.

>> really gnarly things.

>> let's move to the 40s.

>> years of wearing colored polish can cause discoloration. the great things is this is reversible. all you need to do is gently file the top of your toes and apply a nourishing thing with vitamin e and tea tree oil .

>> someone told me to put lemons.

>> it does. it does. the sit rick acid is also good. and for cal uses, look for something with urea.

>> with what?

>> your feet are just bad.

>> give it up. everyone has bad feet. i don't like feed.

>> you have gorgeous feet.

>> i'm not into feet.

>> in your 50s, this is when you are starting to see the --

>> watch it.

>> what do you do?

>> this is when we pull out the big guns .

>> that would be hoda's feet, the big guns .

>> 9 1/2, not 10.

>> 10.

>> only one pair.

>> so in this age you want to be using the same ingredients you are using on your face. this is a murad serum.

>> same as my face?

>> all over?

>> put it just on the sunspots on your feet. this, if you invest in one gadget, this is life-changing.

>> what is it?

>> into i have beenly like a microdermabrasion for your feet. it really will tailing the most hardened calluses --

>> because your heels crack. they get crackly. and then what?

>> you've got to be religious about slathering on the heaviest cream you can find. look for some with shea butter .

>> i want to kill her.

>> and get those socks on.