TODAY   |  May 22, 2013

Quiz! What did Memorial Day used to be called?

What was the former name of Memorial Day? How many stripes are on the American flag? TODAY’s Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb, along with Andrew Evans from National Geographic, test viewer’s knowledge.

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>>> we're back on this wines-diehl wednesday. we have some twins, one happy, one not.

>>> a great way to play "who knew?" we thought we would get the party going early. kathie lee is across the street at the sweet spot . and those who don't gets kathie lee 's cd .

>>> andrew evans is with us, national geographic 's digit at nomad. are you ready?

>> look at this beautiful family from illinois, a mom who looks like a teenager with her four beautiful children. i hope you get my cd . finish the lyrics to this patriot song -- whose broad stripes and bright stars

>> that's in four different keys but the lyrics, i'm going to give you some money, but i think the lyrics were actually --

>> and the rockets' red glare, the bombs burting in air.

>> we should no our national anthem , but it's actually an octave and a half, which is why nobody can actually sing it. it started as a poem written by francis scott key and the original star-spangled banner you can see at the national museum of history .

>>> how fascinating. you are from rochester? near rochester? that's in new york. what attracts vacationers the most? the ocean, countryside, national parks or lakes?

>> ooh --

>> it's a guess.

>> the first one, beach, ocean.

>> yes. yes.

>> oh, yeah, i would have guessed that one, too.

>> it is the ocean, actually, and 51% of americans choose the ocean versus only 13% to go to national parks . and working for national geographic i've been swimming in all five oceans.

>> i bet you loved it.

>> i understand.

>> i'm sure.

>>> a nice gentleman from new orleans. true or false, observing a moment at silence on 3:00 p.m . on memorial day is the law.

>> i'm going to go with false.

>> and you would be wrong. but you're lucky.

>> wait a second. it's a law?

>> it's true. it was an act of congress . you won't go to jail for breaking it, but passed in 2000 , the national moment of remembrance . everyone pauses to remember or men and women who have died in the service of our country. i think it's a wonderful thing.

>> this girl is from austin texas . which famous cemetery has the tomb of the unknown soldier ?

>> arlington cemetery ?

>> good for you. yes.

>> the tomb of the unknown iflgts she should have asked her who is buried there.

>> the unknown as from world war i, world war ii , and the korean war .

>> it's actually a beautiful cemetery to walk around.

>> this is mrs. austin's mom. memorial day is the most popular holiday for grilling? think it through.

>> false.

>> yes. see what happens when you think it through?

>> yes, she's a winner. was she right? ivities fourth of july is number one. 71% of americans grill on fourth of july, versus only 50% on memorial day .

>> how do you know that?

>> we have a hearth and patio, and steak is more popular than hamburgers.

>> and chicken after that?

>> this lady was so upset that she wanted my cd so much that i gave it to her. ma'am, where are you from?

>> clearwater florida.

>> how much stripes are on the american flag ? think it through.

>> 13.

>> i'm feeling very generous today.

>> yes, you are. 13.

>> you have very smart viewers. each one representing the original colonies, but at the time of "the star-spangled banner" there were 15 stripes. i'm glad we stopped.

>> andrew, thank you so much.