TODAY   |  May 22, 2013

Author: ‘God winks’ provide hope, happiness

Squire Rushnell is the author of “Divine Alignment,” a book about “God winks”: events so remarkable that they have to come from a supernatural source. He explains to Kathie Lee and Hoda that acknowledging divine appointments throughout the day will give you hope and happiness.

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>>> even if you do not believe in miracles or divine intervention , every once in a while a story comes along to send chills down your spines.

>> this is one of those stories. grab some tissues and be prepared for happy tears.

>>> in 1980 , darla found out she was pregnant.

>> i was scared, frightened, i was immature. i didn't know what i was going to do.

>> in november of that year she delivered a baby boy .

>> i really wanted to see my son. i want to see what he looks like. i want to tell him i love him. i can't provide for him. this is the best thing for him.

>> she asked the nurse on duty, a woman named daniela, if she could hold her son to say good-bye.

>> i could have been fired, but i did it because you broke my heart. reached over and handed her the baby. i held her while she held her baby, and the whole time she cried, i cried. she kissed him on the forehen and handed him to me, and i took him out of the room. i've never forgotten it.

>> 20 years later her daughter brought home a man named chad.

>> we had been dating. chad had said he was adopted. my mother just had a picture of chas when he was a newborn, and she looked at him, and it was just a -- she's like, you're that child. you're that child.

>> after months of searching chad finally tracked down his birth mother .

>> i had seen my mom for the first time, and i gave her this great big hug. i laid my head down on her shoulder for the first time. i didn't want to let go. just tearing came into my eyes. at that point there was just a smile on my face all the time.

>> when we met, it was like nobody was there. it was just -- it was magical.

>> the two families have an unbreakable connection. to this days darla and danella remain closest friends.

>> i always call her my angel. she brought my son to me the first time and she brought him back to me.

>> wow.

>> wow. oh, my gosh.

>> and the story is just one of the many incredible experiences told in the book called "divine alignment."

>> it's incredible. you think this is just random, you think it's maybe one of those little coincidences, but it isn't.

>> you called them god winks.

>> how did you find the people in the book.

>> very often they find me.

>> they read your other books.

>> they are divinely aligned to these stories. people write to me every day on facebook/godwinks, and leave their stories there, but very often i am divinely aligned to the stories for the book that i'm about to write. it's amazing.

>> you're in that right place to receive it.

>> yes.

>> are all these things happening around us all the time, we just don't have the eyes to see them?

>> here's how divine alignment work. we go through life thinking we're on the fast track, helter-skelter, but we are in fact being divinely aligned by a built-in gps. what i talk about in the book are the seven steps to help you navigate through life with divine alignment. the gps is what i called god's positioning system .

>> when you come in contact with someone, people say, wow, and then they move on with their life. they don't do anything with the moment.

>> it doesn't change them.

>> but you should do more than say here we are.

>> you need to acknowledge them. in fact, i encourage people to make a list of the god winks and alignments. put it on a piece i have paper. at the end of the month you'll be astonished.

>> my brother and i were on some hiking trip, just out of college, kids. one of in bruges in belgium, in a tine in farm town, we were walking, went to a youth hostel , and i see a camp counselor from so many years ago, and in the middle of nowhere . i go, what are you doing there? but i remember thinking to myself, how did this happen in the middle of nowhere ? i'm sure everyone has a story like that night and day

>> every has a story, right?

>> how many stories are in this book? i remember reading it in hard back, but --

>> just amazing stories . the thing about these stories is they give us encouragement.

>> they give us hope, which is what we need.

>> i really believe if we start understanding that god winks, the divine alignment, you don't know they're there.

>> we're not talking about religion here, are we?

>> no, no. but once you understand this, you will realize you are on a pathway to more joy, fulfillment.

>> adventure.

>> the uncertainty turns into certainty, and you'll just have much more happiness in your life.

>> you're full of happiness. i like that.

>> we go way, way back.

>> way back.

>> you would never even recognize the man you were and the man you are today?

>> really? my hair's a little silver .

>> you've earned every one of them.

>> and married to the single most funniest woman on the planet.

>> thank you, sweetheart.