TODAY   |  May 22, 2013

5 tips for cleaning up outdoor furniture, pool

Julie Adelman, the “Accidental Housewife,” shows the best way to revive dried-out wood furniture, how to clean a dirty PVC fence, and an easy way to make your pool tile sparkle.

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>>> are you expecting a crowd at your house for memorial day barbecue? is it stressing you out? do you feel your yard isn't up to snuff? you can put the worries away.

>> the accidental housewife julie edleman is here to get your outdoor space ready for entertaining with easy tips.

>> how easy?

>> 1, 2, 3, and shine wood furniture gets dried out. you need to revive and rejuvenate. believe it or not, you can use shortening or good old cooking spray .

>> really?

>> put a little bit on, and look what happens?

>> good old crisco.

>> how long does it last?

>> it depends on the weather. it dries out more, but -- plus you can use it on your face.

>> and your feet.

>> and any place else you'd like.

>> we're going to plastic furniture. use some shaving cream. it's compressed soap. all you do is put it on like so. you scrub it off. would you like to do the honors?

>> i love to clean. me, not so much.

>> and then turtle wax is great to apply. it will help when the dirt gets on, just come down, as well as protect it from yellowing.

>> you know, use baking soda or vinegar yet.

>> it's not --

>> keep working.

>> wax on, wax off.

>> barbecue, you don't clean the grill, maybe he does.

>> no, no.

>> coca-cola, potassium.

>> it just eats --

>> can you imagine. you put this in, and the aluminum -- and you just scrub it.

>> i'm not doing it. my arms are tired. i am worn out.

>> vinegar, my favorite. i know. all winter mildew, just spray it, on your cushions and your kids' toys.

>> does it really kill the mold.

>> it does, but you have to leave it on for a while.

>> and leave it in these bags, so they breathe.

>> pools.

>> we'll do that -- we'll dance in a minute.

>> mineral deposits around your pool tile.

>> i hate that.

>> that's why you use lemon, the acidity will break down the deposits, or my other favorite baking soda , mix them together, one part lemon and three parts baking soda . we'll have a chemical reaction . there you go.

>> it's fizzing.

>> it's like a science experiment.

>> and then you rub it on. i know you all were commenting, you thought i look like christmas, you know what this is?

>> that's that hose i want.

>> it's called the flex-able.

>> what are you talking about?

>> it will abilitily extend.

>> it goes like forever.

>> and then you.

>> but it does it on