TODAY   |  May 22, 2013

Have a night on the town in Chicago

E!’s Jason Kennedy steps out in Chicago to see the city come alive after dark, checking out celebrity hot spots, a blues club, and a karaoke bar.

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>>> have by day, you've seen throughout the show that that is, of course the case, you can have a lot more fun and maybe a little trouble at night.

>> kennedy decided to check it out for us.

>> tough assignment.

>> reporter: when the sun sets, a different side of chicago comes to life. with a vibrant nightlife scene to indulge any wild whim. chicago expert kelly zinc of celeb tv is my local tour guy.

>> hey, hollywood. are you ready to see what chicago nightlife is all about?

>> i'm ready and also digging the black limo.

>> reporter: a legendary hot spot , the pump room's a must with its hip and sophisticated scene.

>> this is one of the most iconic nightlife spots in chicago and one of the oldest, too. we've had tons of celebrities. this is a place that you cannot miss when you come to chicago .

>> reporter: bartender clkalani serves up a spring cocktail.

>> booth one is the most coveted table.

>> this is the table where everyone walks by, you have a perfect view of everyone coming into the restaurant.

>> reporter: for decades, celebrity patrons have dined here.

>> my favorite part about booth one, the phone. roker! if live blues music is your thing, chicago is the place to be. look at this spot! at blues on the city's north side , you'll find live local blues every day of the year.

>> i think the greatest thing about chicago is there's something for everybody. if you want a sports bar , if you want a little upscale nightclub, you may have heard of a restaurant called rpm.

>> reporter: rpm is one of the hottest restaurants in town, and a personal must, because it's my bud's bill and jewel ygiuliana rancic's place.

>> some stuffed peppers .

>> reporter: mixologist paul mcgee let us challenge our bartending skills.

>> oh, my goodness! my new best friend at rpm.

>> reporter: if you're in the mood to belt one out, you're in luck. at blue frog 's local 22, grab a mic and try to keep up. and i say, when in chicago , why not sing chicago ? in my heart in my soul everybody! come on! you're the inspiration

>> reporter: we have to end on a big note. where are we going?

>> go big or go home and we are going to studio paris.

>> all right, all right. for the premiere djs, it's studio paris, a celebrity hot spot . to cap off a night, champagne and sparklers, celebrating a one-of-a-kind city.

>> chicago , we love you!

>> champagne and sparklers. intrepid reporter, that jason kennedy .

>> hard hitting, jason. we'll be back with more from chicago . but first, this is "today" on nbc.