TODAY   |  May 22, 2013

Bill Rancic welcomes Natalie, Willie to Chicago

The reality star and entrepreneur also happens to be a born-and-bred Chicagoan. He talks about his city, saying “the people make the town as good as it is.”

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>>> we could not come to chicago without checking in with our good buddy, bill rancic . born, raised, native chicagoan. bill.

>> you helped develop the trump tower , which is right over there.

>> i worked on donald trump 's building, just down the road.

>> as a guy who spent so much of your life here, what makes chicago great to you?

>> you know what, the fact that you get 300 people come out in the pouring rain -- it's such a world-class city. we've got amazing sports teams. it's a city that you can eat your way through. my wife and i have a restaurant, rpm italian. you guys have been there?

>> you still have a lot of family here, right? your mother and sisters are here?

>> my mom, my three older sisters, i have three nieces and nephews here. this is home. this is where we're going to raise our son one day.

>> we'll see a little bit of the city today. some of the museums, the aquariums. do you have a favorite spot you like to go?

>> i like to do the windella boat tour. it's absolutely miraculous.

>> all right, cool.

>> and i know you're actually spending a lot of time with duke here too. you come back and forth.

>> duke is a chicagoan through and through. he loves it here. he loves eating his way through the city. he's got all the hot dogs --

>> he's eating a lot?

>> a lot. he's eating a moose.

>> 9-month-olds tend to be that way. bill rancic , great to