TODAY   |  May 22, 2013

Memorial Day menu: Surf and turf

If you haven’t yet settled on a menu for your family’s Memorial Day gathering, surf and turf could be the perfect pick. Chef Michael Lomonaco shows his take on the crowd-pleasing favorite, cooking up sea scallops and rib steak.

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>>> the memorial day weekend is almost here. if you haven't settled on a menu yet, surf and turf could be the answer. and we're about to sell that to you.

>> and it's an easy sell. michael amanno from porterhouse. great to see you!

>> great to be here.

>> this looks beautiful already. i love that you start off with an appetizer to woo the crowd.

>> and also, it's kind of fun. they're scallops with a little bit of bacon.

>> so counts as surf and turf?

>> absolutely, sure it is. i like the bacon part.

>> bacon with everything.

>> those are really simple to make and they're on a skewer and easy to grab and go.

>> what's that?

>> caper and shallot and a little butter and oil.

>> easy passarou-around. done.

>> the star of the show is the rib eye . so we'll begin with the mare that h marinade. this is a simple thing that can be done ahead of time. we like to marinade the steak for two hours, three hours.

>> have some rosemary, parsley in there.

>> impressed you knew that.

>> and some fresh thyme and olive oil and a little bit of garlic. and this is just the simplest thing. you know, you can do in a blender.

>> i love that if you use a blender, that makes it fast.

>> i know you've got to wash it later, but this actually holds up for a couple of days, so you can put it in the refrigerator.

>> you can use it for other things. and can you use any kind of steak ?

>> this is investment-grade beef, rib eye steaks. but this is a steak cut for two or three portions. but you could use a flank steak or skirt steak or london broil . i like to marinade it for a couple of hours, maybe even overnight if it's a london broil . we're doing it on an indoor grill, but you can do it on an outdoor grill, it's even better.

>> and you can do it inside and it won't get too smokey because you have all that marble in that rib eye .

>> i'll tell you thing, try to take off some of that marinade, so it's not too smokey.

>> that's a hot pan?

>> that's a nice hot grilling pan or on an outdoor grill. some pepper, a little salt on the other side, don't forget.

>> and add pepper and salt after you put it on the grill?

>> now i put it on that side, so i can flip it over.

>> don't you love doing cooking segments with tamron and i.

>> no, i love that! that's just going to grill away.

>> the rosemary smells amazing.

>> it's really beautiful. this one is actually ready to go. and when you do make that marinade, save some. don't put it on the steak . you save some for a little bit of a barbecue, you know, a little bit -- to add as you're cooking. or also to add after it's done.

>> and i love that it's just clean, it's simple, it's beautiful.

>> i like that.

>> the italians call this taliata, which all that means is sliced. and we're going to let that rest a little while.

>> i was going to ask you about that. why do we want to let it rest?

>> it lets the juices recirculate, so all the juices don't run out on the board. even just a couple of minutes, it's really worth it. it won't get cold. it's not going to cool off.

>> a little salad with a side of arugula.

>> a steak with salad.

>> it justifies you eating this entire thing. or me eating this entire thing.

>> i'm having salad with my steak .

>> this is where you break out the really good olive oil , the extra virgin olive oil , a little bit balsamic vinegar, and this is just shaved parmesan cheese . you don't have to use parmesan. you could use another hard, firm cheese and shaved. and this goes right on a platter or plate. and the steak goes right with that. we also made a potato salad . that's a warm potato salad .

>> beautiful. we're showing our finished product over there.

>> do we get to taste anything?

>> of course. let me splice this for you. if you are doing a different cut, you'll have to slice according to the cut. but this is a rib eye , slices off the bone. i like to cook these on the bone because they have so much flavor and don't shrink up. they stay nice and fare.

>> doesn't even need a fork.

>> chef michael, thank you so much. we appreciate it. and just ahead, we'll go back out to fatly and willie, live in chicago with a lot more ahead. but first, this is "today" on nbc.

>>> coming up, we are going to have a lot more