TODAY   |  May 21, 2013

Sara Haines tours the Big Apple, celebrity style

TODAY’s Sara Haines joins Harvey Levin of TMZ for the newly launched TMZ celebrity tour of New York City to check out Times Square, where they catch a glimpse of where stars like Beyonce and Katie Holmes live, and even score a celebrity sighting.

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>>> get on the bus, people, sara has some of new york 's celebrity hot spots .

>>> if a few star sightings along the way. but first, this is "today" on nbc.

>> is that the guy from tmz?

>> oh, my gosh!

>>> our girl sara ventured around manhattan for a little star -gazing.

>> we heard you hit all the celebrity hot spots .

>> you probably heard about all of those hollywood bus tours in california. well new york city has a tour of its own, launched by none other than the celebrity outlet, tmz. and my host was harvey levin from tmz.

>> we're glad you could join us!

>> people can't get enough of tmz. what is this obsession in our culture right now with celebrities?

>> i think the reason that they're interested in what we put up is, it's not the publicity machine of hollywood that's putting all the stuff out. it's real.

>> are we going to see lindsay lohan .

>> this is going to be my first time on the bus and the guys said every time they drive around they see stars. they see pete r dinklige all the time.

>> i love him.

>> i will bang on the window.

>> let's do it.

>> so exciting.

>> as the bus takes off, our official guide, aaron, entertains us through our first stop, times square . his goal? to show us as many celebrity hotspots as possible.

>> welcome to chelsea, guys, one of the hippest neighborhoods in manhattan. speaking of the stars living in chelsea, see that building? katie holmes lives there, she paid over $15 million for that place.

>> the meat-packing district is next and in true tmz style, a true celebrity sighting.

>> to find out i'm not the father. which maury povich celebration are you going to do?

>> hey, josh? harvey levin with tmz. how you doing?

>> how are you?

>> this is the inaugural tour of the tmz bus.

>> tmz tour in new york .

>> wow. this is low rent.

>> as hellos were made, i had just enough time for my paparazzi moment.

>> got everything, here's a camera, guy.

>> i got nothing.

>> i got one.

>> boxers or briefs?

>> you went with both?

>> like -- yeah.

>> "the today show " gets so down and dirty.

>> i was trying to tmz it.

>> i like it.

>> she did well, that was good.

>> how do you think the tour going?

>> i don't want my money back yet at all.

>> we had a celebrity sighting, that's huge. on the right is where she had her 30th birthday party .

>> and don't forget tribeca.

>> ghostbusters go there.

>> here it is, coming up on our left. if you look outside, there's j and b's place. the gold brick place with the trim around it.

>> lastly, a location that could be the mother lode for tmz.

>> welcome to bar pitti coming up on your right.

>> where celeb sightings pretty much occur nightly. as we return up town after an afternoon of star-studded scenery. hey, look, i've spotted something else.

>> oh, this is my old apartment.

>> they're not covering it for some reason.

>> why don't you break the story.

>> she wouldn't stop bothering him.

>> i hope you have a great day in new york .

>> i think they saw the tour just to see where i lived.

>> there's harvey in the flesh.

>> he's a big fan of both of you.

>> harvey has been working out. he looks darn good.

>> i like that.

>> nice.

>> thanks, sara .

>>> we have a big show coming up tomorrow. what is in it?

>> my good friend's book called " divine intervention ."

>> and we're getting ready for the memorial day weekend . get ready, get your song on!

>>> medicated all the pollen. pollen