TODAY   |  May 21, 2013

7 gadgets to keep you safe at home

Digital lifestyle expert Carley Knobloch shares some high- and low-end gadgets that will keep you feeling safe in your home, like a high-tech peephole and fake TVs to make it look like you’re home.

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are if you're not heading out of town this weekend, you probably will sometime this summer.

>> wouldn't it be nice to know that everything from your home to your hard drive would be secure.

>> karlie the expert for home technology security.

>> it starts with locking your door?

>> locking the door. we'll start with a peephole.

>> what?

>> which is something that most people have in their doors. like your first line of defense.

>> it doesn't look like that.

>> this one has been updated. the peephole camera. you push a little button and let's see if there's someone there.

>> that's your friend sara.

>> so this is actually great because you get this like wide angle view of what's on the other side. great for people who don't have such eyesight.

>> it pops right into an existing peephole. it's great.

>> digital locks are a great thing. i really like this one because you don't actually have to uninstall your existing locks. it's by lock-a-tron. you literally have an app-operated lock. deadbolt just like this. it pops on and you get -- this is going to --

>> look.

>> close your door.

>> yeah.

>> i thought it was hooked up to that somehow.

>> that's crazy.

>> when is that happening?

>> no keys, no anything. you can still get in with a key, if the internet goes out.

>> what if somebody takes your iphone.

>> can you go to the internet and delete it.

>> you get rid of the app.

>> this is like investigative journalism here. these are two great solutions that are going to deter thieves from coming to your house. this is my favorite thing in the whole segment. $39, a fake tv. this turns on at dusk and plays for four hours. it simulates the light that comes from a 40-inch television.

>> somebody's home and watching tv .

>> that's brilliant.

>> i just leave my tv on, for blake.

>> but now you don't have to, it uses much less energy.

>> that's genius thing. how much is this?

>> this is $39.

>> so good. easy to do.

>> for $49 you can have this solution, sorry from falcon called the wii mode. part of an home modular system. you get a little outlet, you plug your lamp into that. now you can turn it on and off from wherever you are.

>> i am so into this. you can play with this, schedule the lights to go on and off at certain times.

>> that's so clever.

>> you need an iphone. you can't do any of these things.

>> i don't want to.

>> we'll talk.

>> a lot of people don't think about their precious memories when they're thinking of theft. so this is the io safe g-3 solo drive. two terra bytes of data. $349. two terra bytes is enough --

>> what's -- that's a hard drive . it's fireproof. and waterproof.

>> you can bolt it to the floor.

>> smart.

>> and it weighs a ton. so someone can come in, break your laptop. they're not going to take that.

>> now we're getting into like --

>> those kinds of people watch our show, we know.

>> you didn't hear it here. so this is a whole home alarm security system from lowe's, called the iris. $179. our low-end great starter kit. great for renters, because it's battery operated. you can take it with you. you get the contact sensors, the motion sensors , $179. that's not going to call the police department . but this is, this is from adt, the pulse system. this is your house, and you can turn and off the lights.

>> no, you can't.

>> you can turn on and off the thermostat. we have all of these little dots are motion sensors . there's even camera surveillance, so this is where it's all going --

>> that's crazy.

>> whose house is this?

>> it's a person's.

>> those are people.

>> whose baby is that?

>> this is from anywhere you are.

>> you can keep your homes secure and the button down here is going to arm your system.

>> and how much is that, connie?

>> it starts at $149 for installation and about $50 a month.