TODAY   |  May 21, 2013

What do men notice first about a woman?

The Fourth Hour’s “Guys Tell All” panel – Michael Landes, Chuck Nice, Rick Younger and Ryan Chenevert – shares some insight into the minds of men, revealing what guys first notice about women and explaining why it takes some men a long time to tell family they’re in a relationship.

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>>> time for guys tell all when we gather some hot guys to answer your burning questions.

>> burning.

>> first up from the new nbc show "save me" premiering this thursday, michael landis. who is married with two children.

>> who cares.

>> and next we've got stand-up comedian chuck knight, host of rgtv's "home strange home." every week it's a different show, he's 14 years and just had his third child. congratulations.

>> is it yours?

>> i'm hoping it's not. i can't afford this child. i just want the child support . i won't divorce you, honey, but please --

>> next up, comedian and actor rick younger, who is married with a son and he has a hurt hand today.

>> he has an ouchie.

>> last but not least, the single cosmo bachelor of the year, ryan shenever.

>> first up is donna from georgia.

>> hi, how are you? my question? i'm sorry?

>> that wasn't the question.

>> why do men have trouble multitasking as well as women?

>> men can't multi task.

>> that's the question.

>> juggling.

>> right now, we're juggling to think and answer the question at the same time. so -- that's something in our brains.

>> i think from a biological standpoint. it's been proven that we're thinking about sex all the time. that's the priority.

>> yeah, i would say that.

>> let's go to --

>> multitasking. that's not our thing.

>> and he's smart, too.

>> jillian. here's the question from jillian. what do you men notice first about a woman even before she says a word?

>> well that would be the silence. actually for my wife, it was her eyes. she has the most beautiful eyes .

>> is that still the thing you love the most after all of these years?

>> she was eating some shepherd's pie and she got up and walked away and i noticed she had a very nice butt. that was the second thing i noticed and that's why she's my wife now.

>> ryan , what do you think?

>> i think it's the smile. can you light up a room with a smile and that, honestly it's the deal-maker for me.

>> everything. all the superficial stuff.

>> at least you're honest about it.

>> that's what i'm saying.

>> next up, we've got jenny from denver.

>> hi, guys, my question is why does it take guys so long to tell their friends and family they're in a relationship?

>> because we want to make sure that it's for real. you know -- we don't want to like, we talk about it and then by the time you know, hey so what happened to that girl oh, yeah, yeah, that didn't work out.

>> i try not to learn everybody's names. i don't know anybody's last name until i'm told, this is it.

>> i don't do it until i feel trapped. once i feel trapped it's like, mom, meet jane.

>> or there's a child on the way.

>> michael when did you introduce your wife --

>> right away. i wear it all on my sleeve.

>> our a romantic guy.

>> you go on, whatever you think.

>> let's go to our facebook post from kristen. what is the most important piece of a relationship advice that you will impress upon your son?

>> let's start with ryan .

>> i don't have kids, what's imparted on me was, it doesn't matter what age you settle down, just don't settle. i think that was very good advice.

>> a little --

>> i believe that my son is going to be gay. so i'm going with -- bring home a really good-looking guy like your dad.

>> i'm going to say listen, if you listen, you know, just listen. because half the time if you just listen, you don't even have to say anything. you most guys ruin things by talking.

>> that's a good point.

>> i try to drum home hands are not for hitting and use your words. i have a 5-year-old.

>> you said it was six.

>> he, it, not it. he.

>> so you're kind of on the cusp.

>> a six and a nine.

>> back across to sara.

>> next up, rachel from texas.

>> hi, my question is, if a guy loses interest, why does he not tell you? why does he string you along and/or keep you out in the cold.

>> keeping his options open.

>> one is he's stringing you along. that can happen, we will string you along because there's certain benefits.

>> they can't leave the branch until they get another branch.

>> or there's a possibility that your track record has stated that i need to let this go nice and slow and easy. because you know, maybe a reaction --

>> because you're crazy.

>> could it be are you ever thinking about the lady's feelings? does that enter into it?

>> i try to save her feelings, i don't want to drop this on her. it's going to break her heart if i leave. so i walk out slowly.

>> hoping that she'll change your mind about you, but you don't want to be dumped.

>> hoping they might break up with you.

>> that might be another thing.

>>> here's laurie, a facebook post. why do men think lying to protect our feelings is a good thing?

>> well here's the reason. because y'all only want to hear the truth when the truth is what you want to hear. when you say hey, do i look good? and you say yeah, you look good, you want to hear that truth. but if the answer is, no, you don't look good, you don't want to hear that truth.

>> how do you know what i want to hear?

>> i'm going to go with property damage . that's the reason why. i'm afraid of property damage . last time i told a woman the absolute truth , she -- keyed my car. and that was expensive.

>> well, it's great to welcome you --

>> good luck with your show.

>> you'll be on on thursdays. thank you, boys.