TODAY   |  May 21, 2013

Michael Caine: ‘Now You See Me’ is ‘spectacular’

Legendary actor Sir Michael Caine visits the Fourth Hour to talk about his new crime caper film, “Now You See Me.” He tells the ladies that to book him in a film, you must give him “an offer he can’t refuse.”

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>>> we've got a true hollywood legend with us. we're live. michael caine has appeared. he doesn't like to be called sir michael caine has appeared in nearly 200 films, but millions of his fans know him as alfred the butler in the batman series .

>> and he starred as the butler in " miss congeniality " and he starred in " hannah and her sisters ." and it was his role in " cider house rules " that earned him his second oscar.

>> and he's back making magic in his new film "now you see me."

>> so nice to see you again.

>> it's great. haven't seen you in ages.

>> this movie, i'm not a fan of magic, but this movie, it's about that, but not really. it's fascinating.

>> what fascinated me with the script when they sent it to me was that i have been in a couple of films with magic, so well take a card and --

>> right, right.

>> but this is so gigantic you cannot, it's a spectacular. it costs millions to make and these tricks that these, it's --

>> it's like the cirque du soleil of magic.

>> yes and these young guys who do this, they do this incredibly enormous show and rob everybody all the way round during the show.

>> what's your role, you're not a imagine m&a jigs, obviously.

>> no.

>> but you move the pieces around.

>> i'm the villain, i'm the money behind all of these kids.

>> you're an insurance agent .

>> an insurance agent . what could be more dishonest than that?

>> a little joke for some friends whose father is in the insurance business.

>> look at you and morgan freeman together in that scene. tell us your connection with him in the movie.

>> he's the good guy and i'm the bad guy . he's trying to get, get into how they are doing these tricks. these incredible tricks. and i must say i've never seen tricks like that in -- i've read the script. you don't read all that description stuff. you know what i mean --

>> it's brilliantly made.

>> louis le ferier, he's the director, he's made a lot of big-budget movies.

>> what made you select this film?

>> it's based on an old mafia thing, you have to make me an offer i can't refuse. it's either a great script or something like this. we're not going to win an academy award for this but it was such fun. such a big thing. i had never seen anything like it before.

>> the cast is terrific.

>> and i have a movie coming out called "lost love" in october which i made in paris. with a lady, german lady director called sandra neffelbech. about an old american in paris and a relationship with a young woman which is neither romantic or sexual.

>> what is it?

>> it's loneliness.

>> oh.

>> loneliness, she lost her parents in a car accident, yeah.

>> i love that. you can play anything.

>> i try to. i grew up in repertory theater where i did a different play every week for a year. so when people say what sort of an actor are you, i say i don't know. give me the part and i'll show you.

>> we're going to have, we got to play a little game. we have a couple of seconds.

>> a fun game.

>> it is called -- name that batman. you and kathie lee are going head to head. are you ready? here it is, clue, he once played a psychoand went on to --

>> christian bale .

>> it can't be christian bale .

>> did you see that?

>> no.

>> he was in " american psycho ."

>> okay, here's number two. he was actually the third actor to play batman, though many people think he was the first.

>> not george clooney then.

>> for the answer, don't look east --

>> adam west .

>> adam west .

>> he did not.

>> that's sir michael caine . he's very fancy.

>> for the tiebreaker.

>> once named the sexiest man alive by "people" magazine. the actor got a big break in the emergency room .

>> who? george clooney played batman!

>> you think a guy with a face like that would put a mask on? what is he, nuts.

>> he's the only guy that had nipples.

>> i never saw that batman. i know george, i thought i had seen everything george has done. i couldn't imagine putting a mask on that face.

>> you've got to rent it.