TODAY   |  May 21, 2013

Inside the shelter that saved a neighborhood

The Weather Channel’s Mike Bettes takes a look at the tornado shelter where six people rode out the devastating storm in Moore, Okla., on Monday, talking to survivor Gerald Mobley about his harrowing experience inside.

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>>> a storm like this hits, when a tornado hits, they tend to go to neighbors and friends and relatives and take shelter with them. but there are shelters up and running in neighborhoods around here. mike bettes of the weather channel took a visit to one of them.

>> reporter: i want to you look down in here, this is their storm shelter. they jammed six people down in there.

>> wow.

>> reporter: their animals and all made it out okay.

>> wow.

>> reporter: stunning. you had to be underground in order to you know survive this tornado. and a gentleman that was actually in that storm shelter joining us your name again, sir?

>> gerald mobley.

>> reporter: thanks for talking with us this evening. what was that moment like when this tornado came through?

>> you can't describe it. all the wind just got sucked out. the trees became still, and then it was just, it was chaos when the tornado hit it pushed the door in the position the chain was jammed so we were able to slide it forward and get it undone and able to get our hands up to push stuff off.

>> reporter: gerald when you came out of the shelter and saw all of this, what is going through your mind?

>> where to begin. it's like the beginning of the end . my wife and i, we worked hard for everything we have, and we just now paid off our house. we were debt free h no house payment.