TODAY   |  May 20, 2013

Eva Longoria’s  wardrobe malfunction in Cannes

Entertainment Weekly’s Tim Stack gives Kathie Lee and Hoda the whole story behind Eva Longoria’s unfortunate wardrobe mishap while at the Cannes film festival, the rumors about whether Beyoncé is pregnant and the top winners at the Billboard Music Awards.

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>> award and he got up on stage --

>> milestone award?

>> hello.

>> what does he say here?

>> he says stop talking about everything and start talking about the craft.

>> and i thought maybe he's talking about his macrame thing. i hope it's not about being a wikkan.

>> i enjoy him. i think his music is fun.

>> he makes --

>> he wears drop-crotch pants, which i'm not a fan of. and, yeah.

>> you know why i don't like the drop-crotch thing? because we all know from studying fashion that when you're short, you should elongate. he needs to elongate the legs, he needs to wear urkel pants.

>> i'm sure everyone is listening to this and thinking yes.

>> let's talk beyonce , is she or isn't she? please tell us the truth.

>> beyonce and i are like this close. i was on the phone with her this morning, i call her b. she supposedly is pregnant, but she won't confirm it of course. she did cancel a concert in belgium, which she was exhausted.

>> but somebody like beyonce who is a thoroughbred workhorse, she's on time and she does her thing.

>> she can do anything.

>> she might have been sick. she might just need a day off.

>> why is the world fascinated with baby bumps. she's either pregnant or she's not. and when she's pregnant, she'll let us know.

>> that's true. i'm not.

>> so calm down.

>> the cannes film festival there was another --

>> wardrobe problem.

>> we're back to crotches. so the --

>> you never left them.

>> no, we never did.

>> at the cannes film festival . everyone looks gorgeous, but eva longa was at the premiere of this movie, and it was raining the whole time. and she was hiking up her dress to make sure it didn't get wet and she exposed her --

>> hiked it a little too high.

>> she exposed eva.

>> so the next day she made sure she wore underwear. she treated like no wardrobe malfunctions. i don't know why she's not wearing underwear.

>> she ran out of spanx.

>> i guess so.