TODAY   |  May 20, 2013

Teacher shows love for Hoda in classroom

Barbara Maher from Charlottesville, Virginia is honored for being a loyal Kathie Lee and Hoda fan. This middle school teacher has a door in her classroom decorated for Hoda’s latest book and she loves having a glass of vino with the ladies.

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>> we do.

>> we have our fan of the week.

>> we do?

>> our winner is -- barbara m am maher. we have her on the phone right now. barbara ?

>> caller: yes.

>> are you excited i want it to tell everyone about you before we talk to you, okay?

>> caller: i'm speechless!

>> we want to hear how excited barbara is. she watches on nbc 29 in charlottesville, virginia, she is a a middle school teacher. she dvrs the show every day. she says the show brings plenty of laughs and keeps her updated on current events, she owns several of kathie lee 's cds.

>> what's that supposed to mean?

>> looking at her reading and enjoying a glass of vino with the show. barbara loves hoda, too, has both of her books and is a fan of virginia tech .

>> barbara , congratulations.

>> do you want to know where you're going? this is amazing, we're sending you to athens, greece. you'll enjoy a four-night stay at a five- star hotel britannia in athens.

>> what the heck.

>> get ready to take in all the sights of the city, including the acropolis, a perfect trip to share with your students come next school year. hotel and airfare provided.

>> caller: i love you guys! thank you so much. listen, say hi, everybody.

>> you're on. hi, kids.

>> and listen, while you're in greece, learn greek.

>> caller: thank you guys, so much, i watched you from day one. you are both so amazing.

>> oh, sweetie, thank you.

>> caller: thank you for this wonderful honor. you're the best part of the " today show ." thank you very very much.

>> don't you love adoration.