TODAY   |  May 20, 2013

Hawaii travel tips: Choosing the perfect island

Travel writer Brian Berusch gives an overview of each Hawaiian island to help you decide which is the best fit for your next trip to the Aloha State.

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>>> welcome back to the royal hawaiian hotel in waikiki beach , hawaii as we continue our "great american adventure " day one. there is so much to see and do not just on the island of oahu where we are but across the hawaiian islands so we thought we'd give you a taste of what you can expect as you visit each one. brian brusch is a travel expert and expert on all things hawaii .

>> thank you.

>> is this a good time to come to hawaii ?

>> this is a great time, it's fortuitous time. we have 30,000 less people on the island, it's pretty nice for getting around and seeing things and you know, the temperature doesn't vary too much.

>> let's go through the islands. you can give us a snapshot of each. start where we are in oahu . what makes this unique and special?

>> oahu is informally known as the gathering place and i tell people this is the one island where morning you can find a private cove or a secluded beach where you're the only one on the beach, lunch time get yourself to like a world class gallery or museum and in the evening have dinner at a james spirited awarded restaurant.

>> there's a lot going on in terms of population, almost 1 million people on the island alone.

>> exactly.

>> another popular destination is maui.

>> absolutely.

>> is that an adventuresome place?

>> outdoors.

>> you see a lot there.

>> maui draws the far more adventurous. there's a family-friendly part further down the way, wailea which is luxury, the upcountry theme is exploding, a lot of hiking, rain forest , back country kind of stuff, mountain biking , the haleakala sunrise tours. it's fun.

>> another one we heard of because of julia roberts , people like that have places, kauai. why is that unique?

>> kauai has one road that skirts the entire perimeter of the island. it's a secure and hunkered down place, a little bit further away from the other islands so the celebrities like the security and the safety of being able to kind of be, you know, exclusively --

>> a beautiful place even if you're not rich and famous .

>> of course.

>> the big island , natural wonders, if you like volcanos that's the place to be.

>> it's an island that's literally growing. you see the lava and i interviewed somebody the other day who is from there and he said the first time he saw snow was when he was 30, went up to mauna kea , snow covered and molten lava and nine different climate zones. there's no shortage of stuff.

>> and lanai, what do you expect there?

>> it's spectacular. lot of the locals that live here tend to take a weekend there. very secluded, two but tibeautiful resorts, very quiet and peaceful, tranquil.

>> you can't go wrong with all five.

>> it's great, each one has a distinct personality so there's something for everybody everywhere in hawaii .

>> we feel lucky to be