TODAY   |  May 20, 2013

Aloha fashion: Easy, breezy island style

Hawaii-based stylist Crystal Pancipanci shows off some of the most popular looks seen around the Hawaiian islands for men women and children, including maxi dresses, sunhats, and vintage-inspired Hawaiian shirts.

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>> welcome back to "today" in hawaii , and this morning on "today's style" we have fashion with the aloha spirit and crystal is here, based here in hawaii and knows everything about the fashions. good morning to you.

>> good morning.

>> you're going to show us some of the styles of the island.

>> yes.

>> what do we have first?

>> we have so many things going on in the big pineapple , so many, i mean we are going to have everything made of aloha . everything in hawaii that you lov love, eternal summer . we don't just live in grass skirts and run around barefoot. we have fashion here and we'll talk about so many different things. hawaii is known as the international shopping mecca of the world.

>> we have anna and joe.

>> this is basically we're taking traditional hawaiian wear, appreciating our history but really just changing it with a modern twist. anna is wearing a beautiful aloha print but it's with a beautiful fabric from tori richards a one-shoulder maxi. we her earrings and check out her cuff another edge and her shoe is like a nice ankle strap the summer shoe of the season. you can run on the beach f you wear slippers, go barefoot, pack it up and travel.

>> joe is wearing?

>> he's the man of hawaii , this is another shirt by toya richards and basically this is a vintage inspired aloha shirt . pick a fit that fits just right, paired it with chino's a pop of color with print, fedora hat .

>> traveling in style.

>> travel with aloha . heidi looks so adorable. this is our marilyn monroe romper, so versatile for summer, polka dot remines me of puka shells and she has a white blazer and kicked with off with a travel tote. nothing says summer than nautical print, neon and island accessories to give her that travelwear.

>> thank you.

>> fun with aloha . we have savannah, hailey and joaquin.

>> it's all about ohana, about the family and different things to do in hawaii . for savannah it's totally the norm to wear a swimsuit all day and night , that tank is a dress so you could wear that as a coverup and a cute aloha print, floral short and a cute afterup which is sheer, she can take it to dinner, take it off, floppy hat and great beach back. hailey is our really cute beach girl , this is a local made local boutique versatile swimsuit. you can wear it four ways in one. we call it slippers in hawaii , not flip-flops. when the girls are going out shopping and having a day out it's all about golf. golfing in paradise, we're known for the aloha stony open so joaquin is wearing a pop of color and everything here and wearing a great belt to modernize that.

>> models, thank you, you look