TODAY   |  May 20, 2013

Extreme photographers capture Hawaiian lava, waves

The TODAY anchors talk to “extreme” photographers CJ Kale, Clark Little, and Nick Selway about the risky moves they make to capture all of Hawaii’s natural beauty and take a look at some of their most stunning photographs.

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>> want to bring your camera. this place provides an absolutely breath-taking backdrop but you have to be adventurous if you want to get shots like those. clark little, c.j. and nick sellway. we have waves over here, lava flows into the water over here. how dangerous is it to capture shots like this?

>> we pride ourselves on our stupidity so it's pretty dangerous.

>> you're right up close and you go where no one else really goes, right? ?

>> we take calculated risks. i've been shooting it for over 16 years.

>> i've been doing it for nine years.

>> what do you have to do to get a shot like this?

>> we wake up with you guys. we're up at 1:00 a.m ., we're driving down the road, three hours to the volcano hike up on hour.

>> hour average and put us in the position most people don't want to do.

>> c.j. you fell into a lava tube once?

>> i did. i know the lava fields , pretty dangerous but you know, i dropped in 20 feet into a lava tube , shattered my ankle. it can happen to anybody, somebody who has been doing it for years. it is dangerous.

>> the shots are beautiful. thank you for risking everything so we can see beautiful shots. clark you're shooting waves from inside the waves. how do you do that?

>> i have a water housing here and what i do is just use swim fins and as the wave is sucking up and barrelling over i'm holding the trigger trying to get as many shots as i can, facing in the tube.

>> and it crashes over you.

>> sometimes i get sucked over the pause and get smashed but it's worth it to get the epic shot.

>> do you know you've gotten the shot or do you have to wait to get back?

>> you get a feeling of it, kind of know that was magic, you go on the computer and zoom in 100% and you know for sure it's a shot. it's a lot of work but it's fun.

>> clark , nick and c.j., thank you for showing us your beautiful photographs.

>> thank you.

>>> still to come we're doing an authentic traditional luau right here. but first this is "today" on nbc, we'll get a check of your local