TODAY   |  May 20, 2013

Hollywood’s love affair with Hawaii

Over the last century, countless movies and TV shows have been filmed on the sands of Hawaii, from Elvis’ “Blue Hawaii” to “Mad Men,” making it one of Hollywood’s hottest destinations. TODAY’s Natalie Morales reports.

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>> hundreds of movies and tv shows have been filmed on the islands making it one of hollywood 's hottest destinations. from classic tv to oscar nominated films.

>> you've got hawaiian blood. you're tied to this land.

>> reporter: hollywood can't seem to get enough of hawaii .

>> i think our local people are in love with hollywood and frankly, i think hollywood is in love with our local culture and our local people. dance, dance, dance

>> reporter: in 1961 elvis was here in hawaiian. gidget goes hawaii

>> reporter: "gidget goes hawaii ."

>> we're going to hawaii !

>> reporter: in the '70s "the brady bunch " and in the decades more tv followed like the channers from "full house."

>> ladies and gentlemen , let the vacation begin.

>> reporter: and the friends from bayside high on " saved by the bell ." some had "50 first dates" here.

>> you're my boyfriend, right.

>> what brought to you hawaii ?

>> reporter: others for a new beginning like in " forgetting sarah marshall ." for others like in "blue crush" it was all about the surfing.

>> ma hallow.

>> reporter: madmen" filmed in the hawaii location, a rich tv project with more on the horizon.

>> there are several major productions looking at hawaii right now and i think 2013 is going to shape up to be a banner year for us.

>> it really is a beautiful location. you can't go wrong, you make a movie or