TODAY   |  May 19, 2013

Marilu Henner shares her ‘Apprentice’ ice cream

Marilu Henner had a great run on the recent season of “All-Star Celebrity Apprentice,” making it to the final five. She’s back for one final task: to help teammate Trace Adkins win with ice cream flavor “Maple Macadamia Mash-up.” Marilu Henner shared her team’s ice cream with TODAY’s Lester Holt, Erica Hill, Jenna Wolfe and Dylan Dreyer.

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>> oh, my gosh, i love it so much. it's a very large, competitive family, so doing the show just appeals to that kind of skill set, you know? that's sort of, like, let's get in there and see what we can do best. there's teams. you feel like a real team loyalty. it's like a big, dysfunctional family .

>> like many are familiar with, actually. you helped trace with the ice cream --

>> our final challenge, like the day after i got fired. the final challenge was to create an ice cream for dwayne reed, walgreens, part of the delish -- good and delish series. we did macadamia, and then presented it in a 15-minute, 10-minute presentation. and team penn, they did vanilla chocolate magic swirtle.

>> so it's based on taste but sales will be a part of it?

>> sales will be a part of it. and, also, we had a huge benefit performance, and then people brought in money to buy tickets and everything. so it was -- it was a four-day task, and quite involved.

>> do our -- do our opinions count towards the winning team --

>> absolutely not.

>> -- any way, shape, or form?

>> absolutely not.

>> well, we're still trying it. this is yours, right?

>> you can do the mako macadamia first. it's really good. different macadamias in it. and trace loves maple. so that's why we wanted to give you -- and we decided we needed sort of a musical theme, so mash up. i have a teenage son, maple macadamia mania, and then became mashup. and this is magic, because it's a vanilla-chocolate base.

>> and when you're talking about the sales, sort of part of what will go to the winner, everybody is still raising money for their own charities, right?

>> oh, yes, of course, whatever trace brought in is for the red cross and opportunity village for pen.

>> do you have a sense as to what might win this?

>> they're both great. i worked with trace four, and then later on i -- so i worked with trace for eight of them. trace is a game changer. pen is a strong competitor. something about trace. a newly game changer.

>> but you don't always realize he would be. seems like really quiet.

>> yes.

>> and a little combative -- but that's what i mean. it's like a family. trace and i have, like, a very strong transfer ens to each other, because he reminds me of my husband, and i remind him of his wife. so it's incredible.

>> the rest plays out tonight. the finale is tonight.

>> i think i like yours better.

>> oh, you do? that's great.

>> very delicious.

>> and we'll be talking about it.

>> tonight at 9:00.