TODAY   |  May 19, 2013

'SNL' says goodbye to Bill Hader (and Stefon)

Bill Hader and his well-known character Stefon said goodbye after eight years in a skit that featured a wedding, Anderson Cooper and a knock-out.

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>> that's right. the finale hosted by ben affleck was a sketch between beloved character, seth meyers , that really stole the show.

>> get ready, anderson cooper , 360. [ shouts ] [ cheers and applause ]

>> very --

>> and they lived happily ever after.

>> and that character's been around since 2008 . i think ben affleck , in fact, was the -- was on the first show with the first

>> anderson cooper , very good.

>> you're really leaving a family you've worked with a long time.

>> yeah, and a sadness to it.

>> yeah, it's always fun when they come back, too.

>> and they always bring in -- there's a fresh face coming along. 38 seasons. doing something right.

>> i think so.