TODAY   |  May 19, 2013

Commuters stalled in wake of Conn. train accident

It could be days or even longer before the stretch of rail route in Connecticut closed due to a derailment and collision reopens. Authorities are scrambling to put alternative plans in place for the thousands of daily commuters who rely on the route. NBC’s Michelle Franzen reports.

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>>> there is new information to report today about the derailment and collision of those metro-north commuter trains in the busy northeast corridor . nbc's michelle franzen is on the scene of the crash in bridgeport, connecticut, with more. good morning, michelle.

>> reporter: well, good morning, jenna. we've had a busy night here. crews behind me, both construction and engineering crews, have been taking care of a delicate operation here, trying to get rid of these cars that have been on the tracks. they've had to separate them, from the mangled, twisted mess they were after that derailment. and they are in the process of clearing those train cars. of course, there are still repairs that need to be done to the track, but it is encouraging, because this area shut down at the moment is one of the busiest areas in the northeast corridor for commuters -- both locally as well as amtrak's passengers traveling between boston and new york. the ntsb evidently far enough in their investigation to feel comfortable enough to start moving these trains. but once again, the damage to the tracks still needs to be repaired, and still no estimate of when the area will reopen. in the meantime, they're coming up with alternative plans to help with the monday commute. jenna?

>> all right, michelle franzen , thank