TODAY   |  May 18, 2013

Belly-landing caught on camera at Newark airport

YouTube video shows sparks flying as a plane makes an emergency belly-landing at Newark's Liberty International Airport. Meanwhile, half way around the world in Russia, passengers of another plane had to make an emergency evacuation after the landing gear caught fire.

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>>> on a plane at newark.

>> yeah, guys, it's scary. we begin with an emergency landing at newark airport . check out this clip up loaded on youtube. a small plane carrying 34 passengers, approaching the runway. you can see the sparks as it lands and makes contact with the ground and an airline spokesman says the landing gear retracted, forcing the plane to make a belly landing . the plane landed safely and everyone was okay.

>>> and a scene in russia, when a landing gear of this boeing 737 caught fire as the plane came down to the runway. and 143 passengers had to go off the wings or off the plane's emergency slide. the worst