TODAY   |  May 18, 2013

Former Victoria’s Secret model: ‘God changed my heart’

Three years ago, Kylie Bisutti was one of the sexiest young models around. Out of 10,000 contestants, America chose the 19-year-old to be a Victoria’s Secret runway Angel. She left the job, however, after finding that modeling didn’t line up with her Christian values. TODAY’s Erica Hill interviews Kylie Bisutti.

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>>> it is perhaps the most glamorous modeling job around. working for victoria's secret . why give it all up, if it was once your dream job ? kylie bisutti says it was a matter of faith. three years ago, kylie bisutti one of the sexiest young models around. america chose the 19-year-old to be a victoria's secret runway angel. kylie had dreamed of becoming a super model and believed this was her crowning achievement. but eventually kylie was ashamed.

>> i really just started to feel exploited, sexualized.

>> reporter: kylie decided to follow her heart and faith and quit. giving up the promise of a lucrative modeling career to move to the small town of big fork, montana, with her new husband, hoping find a more centered life.

>> came to her convictions, i don't want to go down that road anymore. i don't feel comfortable, you know, dressing half naked to sell clothing.

>> kylie counsels other young women , promoting christian values and shares her story in her new book "i'm no angel." victoria's secret said in part, ms. bisutti has made numerous fabrications and misstatements on her brief association with the company. but her pastor says the story rings true.

>> it's someone pursuing fame and success that those wouldn't bring her the kind of satisfaction she was hoping for.

>> kylie has written an experience on her experience called "i'm no angel." she is with us this morning.

>> good morning. thank you for having me.

>> great to have you here. write in the book why you gave it up. for people who haven't read the book, this is your dream job . why did you want to be that victor victoria 's secret angel?

>> you know, i really was just pursuing success, fame, attention, and money doesn't hurt either. you know, i just wanted it. and it was my dream.

>> at one point, you decided as you were going through this, and you were married at the time, it didn't feel right, and it affected you internally, and off quit, a little later on, you wrote this tweet. "i quit being a victoria's secret mod towel become a problem ve proverbs 31 wife." what does that mean?

>> i'm respecting my marriage, honoring my marriage, a world where divorce rates are constantly on the rise. i feel you have to protect your marriage and for me, to honor my husband, and dress modestly and not be in lingerie for the world to see. that is one step.

>> your husband had been very supportive of your career. you were a model when the two of you met. and he supported you in the victoria's secret model competition. what changed?

>> god changed my heart and opened my eyes to the fact i wasn't being the type of role model for young girls that i could be, and that i am pursuing now. i don't want girls to look at my images and want to start throwing up their food or acquiring eating disorders because that's what they think they have to do to feel beautiful in this world. that's what i used to think i had to do to feel beautiful.

>> that's what you did when you were in modeling. you talk about women you met along the way, going through things like that. starved yourself, worked out like crazy it seems from what i read. but you had to know going into it, too, when you are modeling lingerie, are you clearly selling sex.

>> yes shyou are clearly selling sex. even if you are modeling not linger lingerie, but what are you modeling on over the side of the chair. are you still selling sex.

>> victoria's secret came out with a statement, saying that there are numerous fabrications, misstatements, that you exaggerated the relationship you had with the company, did you exaggerate that relationship? is there stuff in there that didn't happen the way you say it did?

>> no, these claims were made before they ever got a chance to read the book. the claims were made off the stuff the media was spinning and saying at the time. a lot of things said in the media that weren't true either, and i felt had they read the book, they would have seen the book is really targeted for girls who are struggling with body image issues, not about their brand.

>> real quickly, do you regret your time as a model or victoria's secret model?

>> i don't regret any of it. for the platform this has given me to help girls.

>> thank you for coming in.

>> the book once again, "i'm