TODAY   |  May 18, 2013

Big dreams as Powerball jackpot soars to $600 million

Powerball fever is sweeping the nation. In 43 states, people are plunking down their hard-earned cash for a chance at winning $600 million, the largest drawing in Powerball history. NBC’s Brian Mooar reports.

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>>> jackpot is $600 million and people lining up across the country for their chance at winning big. brian mooar in washington, d.c. where folks are getting an early start picking lucky numbers . brian, good morning.

>> reporter: lester, a low-grade fever in washington right now. but we've been seeing people come in steadily. you know, your chances of winning, less than your chances of becoming president, the odd there, 1-10. the odds here in the powerball? 1-175 million. $2 and a dream, all people need. why they are doing. what would they do with all of the money? a couple people we talked to today. one guy bought it for his wife. he doesn't gamble, of course. a firefighter said he would do his job, but with a different attitude. one guy said he would give it all to charity, spend of rest of his life, helping kids get into college, helping neighbors, helping churches. a lot of people are dreaming and they can keep on dreaming. the lottery held across 43 states, district of columbia and virgin islands . virginia alone expected to sell $5 million tickets per day. a rate of $9,9,500 per hour.

>> good to dream. thank you very much.