TODAY   |  May 18, 2013

Risk of tornadoes threatens Nebraska, Kansas

Severe storm warnings have been issued for parts of Nebraska and Kansas, and the storm could spread to Oklahoma City by early Monday. Residents are bracing for heavy downpours and potentially strong winds. TODAY’s Dylan Dreyer reports.

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>>> people whose homes were torn apart in granbury, texas, by a tornado will be able to survey damage, one day after governor rick perry toured the area. dylan dreyer is tracking stormy weather for us. good morning.

>>> good morning, lester. a setup that could lead to a severe storm outbreak, especially into this afternoon. very high dewpoints because of moisture off the gulf of mexico . that sets up the stage when have you an approaching cold front to produce very powerful storms. and we could see within these storms, strong gusty winds and heavy downpours, frequent lightning, some hail and also some tornadoes. in orange there from parts of nebraska to western kansas, into parts of western oklahoma , that's the area where we could see our best chance of tornadoes. especially later on this evening. that would be the time frame, but elsewhere in red, we are still going to see the potential of some very strong storms. right now, the storms that we're seeing across alabama into georgia are not the ones that will see the tornadoes, although they are producing torrential downpours and gusty winds out of those systems as well. threat spreads eastward. and tornadoes, not just in the east, we could see them throughout the afternoon. something we will be tracking in keeping a close eye on as we go throughout the entire