TODAY   |  May 18, 2013

Investigators to scour wreckage of Conn. derailment

60 people were injured after two commuter trains collided in Connecticut Friday at the peak of the evening commute. Authorities say the initial investigation shows the eastbound train derailed, colliding with a westbound train. NBC’s Michelle Franzen reports.

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>>> we begin with a train collision and derailment in connecticut . michelle franzen in bridgeport, connecticut , with the latest. good morning.

>> reporter: good morning, erica. we should hear more from investigators set to hold a presser later this morning. here on scene, including a team from ntsb, trying to determine the exact cause of the derailment that left dozens injured. the two metro north commuter trains collided in connecticut , an hour outside of new york city , near the fairfield/bridgeport border at the peak of friday commute.

>> 60 people transported to two different hospitals. five people critically injured, one in a very critical condition.

>> reporter: passengers describe the crash and the frantic moments that followed as chaotic.

>> there was this loud bang and crash, and everyone was jolted forward, people fell out of their seats and things went dark and a loud screeching.

>> reporter: rescue crews scrambled to pull passengers from the mangled cars.

>> had to smash a window for us to get out.

>> reporter: authorities say the initial investigation shows the eastbound metro north train derailed and then collided with the westbound train . the accident suspended train service along the route, leaving passengers at grand central stranded.

>> no service at this time.

>> reporter: damage the governor says will have a big impact on the northeast corridor . a vital route between boston and new york city .

>> it's pretty devastating damage to a number of cars. it's clear these cars came into contact, ripped off at least a portion of the siding of one of the cars.

>> reporter: and investigators will be leaving the trains right where they at until they are finish finished. and commuters are told it could be days, well into next week before repairs are made. amtrak has limited service between boston and new york. erica.

>> michelle franzen in connecticut this morning, thank you.