TODAY   |  May 17, 2013

Gardening 101: Must-knows for perfect planting

Husband and wife Chris and Peyton Lambton from the HGTV show “Going Yard” share a few simple tips to planting a perfect summer garden, like choosing the right soil and potting flowers so they last.

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>>> it is the time of year he you start seeing the neighbors planting in the garden, but you don't know where to start.

>> here us to walk through gardening 101 is this adorable husband and wife. ken and barbie.

>> chris and payton , from hgtv's "going yard." are you lying about the green thumb , you don't need to have one it make it work?

>> you're going to give us five important tips that we could go through. we have certain plants, certain times of the year?

>> better to plant in the spring and fall, in the summer it's way too hot to plant. right now a perfect time to get gardening.

>> do we need gloves? we usually do.

>> put your gloves on. i like to work with my hands.

>> i like to match.

>> that's why we have variety.

>> i like to wear my gloves, i like to have my hand tool so i'm not getting my hands too dirty. especially if you have a fresh manicure.

>> good potting soil , fertilizer, plants need food.

>> how do you know what the good potting soil is?

>> that's the thing, a lot of problems in yards, your dirt is terrible. too sandy, too rocky in other parts of the world. that's why you need to get some good planting mix, so when you plant something in the ground, it now has nutrients in it. you don't have to worry about feeding as much. if you don't have the right base --

>> even if you plant something like miracle grow ?

>> if you don't have the right soil. you could water the miracle grow all around it and it won't hold the water.

>> hoda, now we have our gloves and tools and dirt. now what do we do?

>> your hands, already, payton is going to take one of you over here.

>> all right. here we have --

>> good luck.

>> i don't like variegated stuff.

>> don't use fancy words.

>> this is hosta.

>> what is that?

>> hosta.

>> hosta.

>> of course it is.

>> not fond of hosta.

>> what do i do?

>> break that up.

>> i got it.

>> it's huge.

>> we got ours out.

>> then you break up the roots a little bit.

>> this is our fake garden. now we've got that.

>> then you open it up.

>> then you pour it all the way around.

>> and you trowel.

>> you know what, she's showing off.

>> i'm sick of her showing off.

>> hoda thought it was a big spoon.

>> don't worry about getting dirty over there.

>> that's the way you do it.

>> everybody understands.

>> you don't have to have a clean work space, it can be dirty.

>> just have your husband cue it up.

>> you're making me clean?

>> we're good. now what do you do?

>> these are nice for your yard.

>> payton needs to speak.

>> the hosta will be better for shade. the katman is better for full sun.

>> these are perennials, right? they'll come back every year, hoda.

>> if you take care of them.

>> how often do we water these?

>> we got water cans. take your pick and start watering.

>> pick your color.

>> it depends on where you live. if you'll get a nice downfall every day, you want to soak it through but not oversoak it right?

>> exactly.

>> these might actually grow in here.

>> get the other side.

>> and we have 30 seconds.

>> what do we have over here?

>> a couple more easy plants. boxwood which you see all around the city. easy to grow. lilacs are beautiful right now.

>> we lost all our boxwoods and lilac in hurricane sandy. that's what we're doing right now, is replenishing.

>> what is that, a little rose plant?

>> a nice beautiful rose. great thing about roses, they're less susceptible to disease, they've bred them so they're easier to manage.

>> thank you, guys, you are so nice.

>> thank you so much.

>> you could do a tooth paste commercial.