TODAY   |  May 17, 2013

Makeup that covers puffy eyes, dull skin

Bahar Takhtehchian from Shape magazine shares eight makeup products that will help cover up bags under your eyes, dull skin, and wrinkles that you may get when you haven’t had a good night’s sleep.

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>>> they say the best beauty secret is getting eight full hours of sleep every night. we have makeup trips, with "shape" magazine's editor at large. bahar, welcome back.

>> if you can't get the eight hours, there are things you can do?

>> absolutely. first trick is to use a great scrub. the reason, it's going to exfoliate your skin, get rid of those dead skin cells, increase your circulation.

>> how often?

>> every single day. or every other day. a gentle scrub.

>> is this one new?

>> yes, it's from yes to grapefruit. it will invigorate your senses.

>> should you do this at night before you go to bed or in the morning?

>> this is in the morning that's going to boost your glow.

>> i want to lick it, too. that smells good.

>> foundation?

>> the next trick is to add a little bit of luminosity to your skin because you're tired. we love to mix just a touch of your foundation and then you're going to add a little bit of liquid highlighter to this as well. the foundation of course --

>> takes on a little luminosity.

>> the foundation gets rid of the discoloration, foundation adds the special youthful glow.

>> all over your face?

>> yes, all over your face. you can add a little bit between your eyes as well for the extra glow.

>> what about color?

>> color is very important. always use a little bit of blush when you're tired. i like a cream-based blush because this is going to go on and give you a dewy look.

>> this will make you look all orangey.

>> it's very, very sheer.

>> not on hoda's deeply tanned skin.

>> you can use this on your lips or on your cheeks, dab a little bit on.

>> and blend, ladies, blend.

>> that's the key when you're tired. you want some color.

>> uh-huh.

>> and the eyes, you should be using an eye cream every single day. but when you're tired, your skin is extra dry and the wrinkles may be more pronounced. i love this duo from olay. using an eye cream, this little brush is really cool, it moist moisturizes and protects your lashes. it gives you a nice little open sensation in your eye. you look beautiful and bright-eyed.

>> okay.

>>> another really cool trick, this is a concealer pencil from --

>> thank you.

>> a concealer pencil from makeup forever. basically you put this on your undereye. so the water line of your eye, it --

>> you mean along the lid.

>> the lower lid.

>> inside the lower lid.

>> it makes your eye pop.

>> really?

>> exactly.

>> you can get that from makeup forever. mascara is a must. this one from smashbox has blue and black pigments, that makes the whites of your eyes really, really pop.

>> for any color eye?

>> any color eye.

>>> and the lips?

>> we all love a nude lip. but that can make you look washed out. so try to use something with a little pink shade. this one from bare minerals.