TODAY   |  May 17, 2013

Hoda: Blake (my dog, that is) likes people

Kathie Lee and Hoda get candid with the crowd by answering questions about which trait Hoda has in common with her dog, Blake, and which superpowers they wish they had.

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>>> live with, sara haines, where we send our girl across the street to the crowd at the nbc experience store.

>> first up i found me another sarah from illinois.

>> hi, hoda. this one's for you. i wanted to know what do you have most in common with your dog?

>> oh, my god. you know what? can i tell you something, this sounds not to be arrogant. he likes to meet new people. he's always on the street.

>> he's friendly like hoda.

>> tail wagging, tongue hanging out.

>> we like to lick.

>> we've got the cutest baby ever and her grandmother, michelle, from florida.

>> i was just wondering if you could have any super hero power in the world, what would it be and why?

>> what would yours be?

>> mine would be to be invisible.

>> i knew that.

>> right now. what's yours?

>> i think it would be to be all-knowing because wisdom is what we need more in this world. i would want to be all-knowing.