TODAY   |  May 17, 2013

KLG pokes fun at Hoda’s school sports photo

In a lively discussion about whether little kids should compete in sports, Kathie Lee has fun at Hoda’s expense when they show an old school shot from Hoda’s youth sports days.

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test. test. test.

>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today," with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb . from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza .

>>> hey, everybody, it is try-day friday, it's may 17th . we're so excited that you're here with us. come on in.

>> we didn't have our wine, but we're fine.

>> sammy wanted that.

>> yes, sammy's right.

>> it is the weekend. cheers, cheers to the weekend, thank you, tammy.

>> all right. okay. here's a question for you -- we know it's the weekend and a lot of families and kids are going out to see the kids' games. the question is should kids compete or should they just go out and have the games and just enjoy themselves and have fun.

>> where everybody's a winner.

>> there's a movie called " parental guidance " billy crystal is in it with bette midler . they go to their grandsons' baseball game and they found some of this disturbing.

>> strike three, you're out of there.

>> there are no outs in this game.

>> how do you know who's winning?

>> every game ends in a tie.

>> it's good they don't keep score.

>> yeah, because your kid stinks.

>> you're out!

>> no, you're out!

>> could you drive, i don't feel good.

>> i love billy crystal . so there is sort of an attitude around, it's been sort of seeping into everything, the schools are culture, which is, children's self-esteem is so darn important, and we know that it is, that everybody should be a winner all the time. which i say, contributes to kids not knowing how to deal with life when it really happens, because all along they've been "winners." but they haven't been winners at all. they haven't learned to appreciate winning. i'm not saying they're losers.

>> that's what you said without saying it.

>> if you get a trophy , but you haven't earned the trophy , what does a trophy mean, if everybody got a trophy .

>> here's the thing. people in sports -- i'm sick of it.

>> people are good in sports in high school and college are usually very successful, because they're used to trying as hard as they possibly can and sometimes not winning. that's such a downer. when it happens to you and you're in the middle of a game or the whole team is riding on you and i've been there, i was at the foul line , it was all about me. and please, all i had to do was make the shot. we would have won, we were down by one point. around the rim and plop, out. i'm still thinking about it and it makes me feel terrible that i made the whole team lose and we were losers, because i did that. because --

>> so sad. the truth is, that's what makes you ultimately a winner in the real sense. it's not a phony winning, it's a real winning.

>> i think it's okay for kids to be competitive, some. i mean i think the idea of everyone loggy gagging on the field can be cute and stuff, but i think there's a point between winning and losing. winners and losers.

>> you know, when i think it's great?

>> when?

>> when it's like the special olympics , frank helped found the special olympics with eunice shriver . eunice kennedy shriver . eunice who did it, but she said to frank, will you get me some athletes when they did their very first one and frank got all of these great athletes to come and support it one of the most moving things you'll ever see in your life are when the kids all compete and they all get a trophy . there's something special about that. frank said one of the greatest days in all of sports, covering it for all of those years was the first time he covered the special olympics and a little kid was out front, he was winning, he was winning, he was getting to the finish line and another little kid fell. he stopped, went over and picked up his friend and went over the finish line together. that's a real winner and that's what we're not teaching our kids, dag gone it.

>> but what if a kid did that in another race.

>> cody did it in elementary school . i was beyond thrilled with him. you know, show us some character. don't show me your little trophy that doesn't mean a thing.

>> but one time i got one of those trophies and i do remember it. and i lost it. i liked getting it. it was cool.

>> oh, god, no! no!

>> there's the loser, right there!

>> oh, my god!

>> we're not just talking about her hair.

>> wait a minute, wait a minute. first of all. i had an "h" necklace on. the name of my team was the foals, we were clearly unstoppable. nobody told me it was picture day . clearly.

>> would you have done anything differently if you would have known it was picture day ?

>> i had hair issues forever. please take that down.

>> oh, my god.

>> those were my new glasses, i was proud of them. nobody told me. whatever, you guys have ugly pictures, too. okay, let's talk about laugh.

>> ha does your laugh say about you. as wine makers we love them already. a wine maker commissioned a study about what your laugh really means.

>> a body expert judy james outlined what each laugh means. okay? she said if the eyes narrow and close as the mouth falls open, that's a certain kind of laugh. here's the weezer. not like that!

>> they have asthma, it sounds like.

>> do we have the sound of one? anyway --

>> that sounds like something else.

>> she said they are usually good-humored people who spent years in a career where silence is the norm.

>> all librarians.

>> the laughing sailor.

>> love that guy.

>> the guy with the dead-pan face and jumpy shoulders, usually from someone who doesn't know how to let go and truly laugh.

>> the carry on laugh. something that adele does. take a listen. [ laughter ]

>> i love her laugh.

>> i love it, too.

>> contagious.

>> i could do it all day. not really.

>> i love her.

>> adore her.

>> they decided --

>> if that laugh was coming out of somebody else, i might not like it it's because we love adele so much.

>> and let's hear kathie lee 's laugh and then we'll tell you how judy described her laugh. [ laughter ] that's weird.

>> that's unfortunate. because i was given a trophy as a child.

>> you were described as bawdy. semi aggressive chuckle.

>> semi aggressive?

>> it registers a high level of confidence and a lack of social fear or inhibition. the tone is low, sexy and direct in a flirty way, it gets louder, suggesting that you grew up in a noisy atmosphere, maybe even a male-dominated house. is that true?

>> yeah.

>> hoda, let's listen to her, shall we? [ laughter ]

>> that's my fake laugh.

>> okay.

>> wow, that's annoying.

>> that's my fake laugh.

>> she is described as a social shared laugh. whatever that means. she has a deep desire to share humor. more of a woman's laugh than mine. what am i? never mind. sometimes bringing her hand to cover her mouth could suggest some issues with shyness as a child.

>> we did have that.

>> we showed you why.

>> and her tone suggests, social approaching to please the speaker.

>> that was my phony laugh. when i laugh really hard. remember when we did the thing about the emmy.

>> when we were in charleston.

>> i laughed my real laugh. let's talk about this, everyone thinks there may be in the world someone who looks like them, a twin.

>> a doppelganger.

>> there's some kind of an app.

>> it's an alike app.

>> it shows what celebrity you, you resemble the most. so they take your features and all that stuff. they take a photo. and they tell you who you resemble the most. we should point out that joanne lamarca did it and she looks like tom hanks .

>> he is the most trusted man in the world.

>> here's kathie lee 's picture and she looks like that, madeline stowe .

>> poor madeline stowe , she's about to kill herself.

>> now hoda?

>> beyonce.

>> is this a joke?

>> we're supposed -- all the single ladies

>> sara looks like --

>> naomi watts .

>> and we decided to choose our camera man, anthony. and -- ryan reynolds !

>> hot, baby.

>> that's it.

>> it's time for your friday funnies.

>> are you ready for it?

>> i shouldn't do that. because -- ha ha ha .

>> show our facebook fans. sarah jane from cloverdale, california. an old woman realizes she's seen and done just about everything she could and the time has come to depart this world. after considering various methods of doing away with herself. she decides to shoot herself through the heart. not wanting to make a mistake, she phones her doctor and asks him the exact location of the heart. he tells her that the heart located two inches below the left nipple. the old woman hangs up the phone, takes careful aim and shoots herself in the left knee. do your funny laugh.

>> this is it. all right, it's time for bobbie's buzz. hello, bobbie. count down to two weeks from today, miss bobbie.

>> she's looking scrumptious.

>> ready for you.

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>> how do you get it on your back?

>> you have to have someone else help, i guess. so one tip i will share, no matter what self-tanner you're going to use, sometimes i use the glove or jerjen's express. after all the pros who have sprayed me. they use baby powder , they sprinkle the baby powder and hair dryer to blast off and dust the baby powder . it absorbs the excess moisture so you don't get the streaking. what causes the streaking is when you perspire. that's a great tip. baby powder . everybody can do that.

>> somebody told me that hansen has the fabulous self-tanner.

>> she also has the spray legs.

>> sally hansen.

>> it's time for our johnson's baby of the week where we celebrate new moms and their new additions to their families. first up, meet little eli james dennisor who popped into the world at six pounds, seven ounces on march 18th in maryland. mom and dad say eli already loves music, animals and bath time.

>> of course.

>>> the next bundle of joy is aria, who was born in warwick, rhode island , her proud parents want all the other new moms to know patience and staying calm are key to a happy baby . and our third johnson's baby of the week is sweet little sebastian. sebastian made his big debut on march 19th to his proud parents, who are over the moon . so congratulations to all our babies. and if you want a chance for your baby to be considered, go to