TODAY   |  May 17, 2013

How to look younger without plastic surgery

There are many plastic surgery procedures that are designed to make you look younger, but not everyone is ready to go under the knife. Susan Yara, beauty editor of New Beauty magazine, reveals products that address the same aging issues with less trouble and expense.

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>>> this morning on "today's beauty" plastic surgery without the surgery. some new products can help you tackle aging and skin issues in an easier and less expensive way. we like that. susan is "new beauty" magazine's editor-in-chief. good morning.

>> good morning.

>> this is a billion-dollar industry but we're seeing improvements in products on the market.

>> cosmetic surgery and treatments can help us look younger but we're not always ready for it.

>> how did you select some of the products?

>> we selected these products because they're effective and work quickly.

>> you're not saying don't get plastic surgery . if that's your thing you want to do it, that's fine but this is an alternative you can try beforehand.

>> these help in the meantime before you're ready.

>> the first is to treat pigment. i have hyperpigmentated skin so when i get a bruise or cut it's a dark spot.

>> we're dealing with hyperpigmentation, avene is great instead of lightning treatments for your skin.

>> why does this one stand out?

>> it has melanite which stops the production of melanin in your skin and you can use it whenever you need it.

>> 39 bucks.

>> great price.

>> exactly. moving on to eye creams. i saw one the other day $400. i didn't buy it, i saw it.

>> this is not even clees to $400. it's great, it cosmetics, bye-bye undereye. we know the first signs of aging start with our eye. this covers up all of your dark circles , it will brighten your eyes and it has skin and active ingredients that help your skin over time so it's kind of a multitasking product and it's not going to sink in.

>> you lightly put it on morning and night?

>> whenever you need it really. it's makeup so you'll put it on and boom, instant eye lift.

>> moving on to the lips another area that shows aging especially on the sides, what does this do?

>> this is jayne eyre dale lip plumper , ginger root extract, peppermint, spearmint, it plumps but feels nice, and it has time release peptides so it builds collagen in your lips and moisturize.

>> how long do you have to use this before you see results?

>> you'll see instant results when you put it on because it's going to plump but over time your lips the skin around your lips are better, too.

>>> body and hand cream and how does this help with that?

>> we treat or faces but sometimes we neglect our body.

>> that's an ease ye thing because we focus so much on our face.

>> our skin ages on our bodies, too.

>> you can use this in place of your regular low on, jan marini, if you're dealing with cellulite on your thighs it will help smooth that area.

>> this has been tested. january marini bioglycolic, everyone loves this.

>> skin authority, women forget they need to use a serum, this is great to use right before your moisturizer, it has proteins in it that are going to instantly tighten your skin just like botox so you'll see the lines disappear and in a clinical study about 90% of the women saw improvement in their skin over four weeks.

>> in four weeks. we're out of time. this is microderm, very popular. i'm going to test all of this out this weekend. you've given me something to do.