TODAY   |  May 17, 2013

Fast-talking parakeet shows off his vocal skills

The TODAY anchors chat about the hot topics of the day and meet a parakeet named Disco, whose amazing verbal talents made him a viral video star.

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>>> of the people who keeps their phone on during a movie.

>> no one called me. we're going to talk about songs that relax you when you are traveling and my travel song i was keying it up for you because you're traveling and hitting the road today.

>> gotcha. we have " weekend today 's" erica hill . willie and natalie are on assignment. today's take three, going to the birds.

>> better than going to the dogs.

>> earlier disco the parakeet we introduced you to the video, check it out.

>> i'm a parakeet. what seems to be the problem, officer? i am not a crook. meow, meow, bad kitty . nobody puts baby bird in the corner. i'm a parakeet.

>> wow, that is unbelievable. some people were suspicious. my present company included i was like the bird has a vocabulary, got style. is it real?

>> that's right his owners judy and kevin bolton are here and their daughter.

>> so they came to stand by their bird to prove that disco can bring it.

>> when did you discover disco has this talent?

>> it was a complete accident. we got him at 4 months of age and we thought as a joke we would try and teach him something like pretty bird , which i think is the law when it comes to teaching a parakeet something to say and he said it three weeks later. and from there we thought we'll teach him some other thipgds, ngs. we didn't want to teach him polywants a cracker because it's boring, we taught him some nixonisms, i am not a crook, bird to your mother.

>> that's my favorite, bird to your mother.

>> can you get disco to try to do this live?

>> he is. he's doing it right now.

>> he's talking to his bells and toys.

>> he's not stressed out by the activity, he does better when there's noise.

>> when you say he's talking.

>> he's listening.

>> now he's listening to you.

>> but being a flock bird when it's quiet they think there's a predator around so they shut up but if there's the vacuum or a lot of people talking he wants to join in.

>> you were in the green room earlier and disco was actually caught on tape, we've witnessed it. listen again.

>> meow. nobody puts baby bird in a corner. nobody puts baby bird in the corner.

>> nobody puts baby bird in the corner.

>> our audio guys forgot to put a mike on him.

>> nowhere to clip it.

>> that's cool.

>> what kind of response your neighbors trying to check out this?

>> no i don't think our neighbors know about him.

>> now they do.

>> thank you so much, kevin and jenny, and thank you, disco.

>> keep it up, buddy.

>> we'll see him in the movies sooner or later .

>> thank you guys.

>> thank you.

>>> our take two, the streaming media in our homes there's a new global epidemic dubbed netflix adultery when your significant other watches episodes of a program you agreed to watch together.

>> yes that's unfair.

>> happens all the time in my house.

>> it's wrong.

>> yes.

>> are you aggrieved husband?

>> no, it's david my husband. he'll say well you fell asleep or i couldn't wait. at least he's honest about it but he gets this sheepish grin on his face.

>> like i know something you don't know.

>> i do it. i do. it's like come on.

>> hard not to.

>> especially with your schedules you go the a window of awake time, you need to make it happen then.

>> it's true.

>> do you give away the good parts?

>> no, no.

>> no spoilers.

>> and believe me a poll revealing 28 million u.s. adults confess to cheating on their spouses or significant others by streaming ahead. 21% watch in bed while their significant other is asleep. 5% said they would cheat in the bathroom.

>> that i find funny. i have this image of somebody crouched in the bathroom with their ipad, right.

>> think about that next time you borrow your spouse's ipad.

>> and it's not working because it's wet with sweat.

>> oh!

>> not necessary.

>> i've dropped my phone in the bathtub at least a dozen times. it happens. and then you put it in rice and you dry it with the vacuum cleaner and tada it works.

>> and then it plays music for you.

>> maybe if you didn't have all that bling on it wouldn't fall in.

>> keep it away from my necklace. this is foil and we're moving on to playlists and phones.

>> research from the musing streaming service spotify came out with a playlist to ease anxious travelers. travel anxiety affects about 25% of adults so believe it or not topping the list "someone like you" by adele.

>> interesting.

>> i found that surprising.

>> it's kind of sad.

>> you're sitting on the plane sad.

>> let's make it worse, like you're in middle school and want to put on the saddest song you know.

>> a couple other songs that surprised me, " sail away " enya, "piano on the beach" but my favorite " buffalo soldier " by bob marchly. you hope you're going on vacation, but meanwhile you're going on a business trip .

>> "better together" jack johnson we'll meet him in hawaii.

>> what's your chill out song on the plane? you travel a lot.

>> i don't have a chill out. i don't have any chill out songs.

>> do you have one?

>> it's "easy" by the commodores, puts me in the best mood. what about you, erica?

>> coldplay.

>> window seat, erica badu , that