TODAY   |  May 17, 2013

Hot in Hollywood: ‘Star Trek’ premiere, ‘Idol’ finale

Tim Stack of Entertainment Weekly rounds up all things new and noteworthy in Hollywood, including tomorrow’s premiere of “Star Trek Into Darkness,” for which some fans are already in line, and the newly crowned winner of “American Idol.”

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>>> now to our weekly roundup of all things new and worthy in hollywood.

>> here with the celebrity scoop is k is tim stat with " entertainment weekly ."

>> good to see you..

>> after eight years "the office" wraps up. we don't want to give anything away.

>> no spoilers.

>> did it live up to expectations?

>> i did. if you were a fan of the show, it was moving, if you checked out a few seasons it's all the people that you love and yeah, there are some surprise guests and it was actually very emotional. you know, i don't want to say exactly what happens but there is a wedding, some people leave, some people stay, there's just a lot of twists.

>> a memorable ending for a memorable show.

>> and ends well.

>> the "seinfeld" finale it was controversial, "sopranos."

>> i think this satisfied everyone.

>> looking ahead this saturday, "snl" ben affleck is hosting kanye west .

>> already started talking trash about it.

>> he always talks trash. he has some rage issues i think, al. he's probably outside waiting for me right now.

>> he's waiting for you..

>> we've got your back.

>> thank you, thank you. i'll be running. you can distract him but anyways --

>> ben affleck --

>> but yes so it's like his fifth time, he'll be the five-timers club it's a big deal for "snl."

>> last time a five-timer was justin timberlake .

>> i was there for that show. that was so amazing.

>> that was great so i assume there will be some big guests again.

>> perfect.

>> kanye is always someone to watch.

>> i bet. new " american idol " has been crowned, 23-year-old candace glover from st. helena island . is it me or is it the point nobody cares ?

>> yes. she seems loveable and talented.

>> it's not as big a deal.

>> the show is not a big deal but there's theory behind candace winning but they needed a girl. they had a series of guys and forever reason they weren't taking off and there's theory there may be a spark bought of the singer here.

>> she did an amazing duet with jennifer hudson . not a great season, a weird aretha franklin duet.

>> jennifer hudson one of the most popular people from the show and she didn't win.

>> the people who don't win go on and do better. randy jackson saying good-bye.

>> last night.

>> cleaning house and keith urban .

>> there's all the rumors, nicki minaj may not come back, mariah and keith are on the bubble. i think they need to clean house . i think they need a fresh group of people.

>> the good news is "the voice" is still rockin' it.

>> yes, we broke this news on that basically "the voice" cast is coming back so next season this fall christinaing alena and ce lo will be back.

>> will he bring the bird and the cat?

>> i hope it's like a possum, a ferret, look a weasel.

>> wow.

>> and then in the spring shakira and usher will return.

>> i'd like to see the chair turn around and it's a different person.

>> you're there.

>> and quickly "star trek: in the darkness."

>> opens today. it's going to be huge. it's tracking at like maybe $100 million.

>> there are already lines at theaters.

>> i'm sure, nerds with no jobs, but me --

>> you?

>> no. it's coming up and it's going to be huge. it got great reviews, j.j. abrams again, the sequel.

>> the first one was awesome. i was skeptical.

>> simon is amazing. tim stack , kanye is just outside.

>> oh, al, protect me.