TODAY   |  May 17, 2013

Wild, wild Web: Shocking world of online classifieds

Using online classifieds, Dateline’s Chris Hansen tracks down people looking for and offering a variety of unbelievable goods and services, from a “vampire” searching for human blood to drink, to a hit man who calls himself “the problem eliminator.”

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>>> a look at online classified , they can be convenient but they can be shady and shocking. "dateline"'s chris hansen has more of his hidden camera look at the wild, wild web.

>> unbelievable from hitmen to sweetheart swindles to people selling bad drugs online we found it all. take a look. we're back in the online classifies, and this time you won't believe what we found. are you a vampire?

>> yes, i am a vampire.

>> this man posted seeking human blood so he could drink it. when was the first time you consumed human blood ? here's an ad from someone calling himself the problem eliminator.

>> i'm all set. we're ready to go.

>> promising he'll take care of a nasty co-worker to are a fee. are you a hitman? then there was jessica , who posted this listing on craigslist saying she's looking for love. she'd be a great catch for any young man, except she says she doesn't want a young man. she wants an old man.

>> i'm a 35-year-old woman looking for love from an older man at least in his 70s.

>> is she for real? a "dateline" senior producer pretends to be a 76-year-old named sam .

>> i want to enjoy life a little.

>> reporter: she tells sam her name is jessica travers and she says she wants to start a new life with him if he wires $7,500.

>> i got some savings.

>> sam says his nephew is delivering the money and that is a "dateline" producer and i comment along as his friend and here comes jessica now.

>> how are you?

>> nice to meet you. i'm jessica .

>> jessica , really? she says sam has already charmed her, even though she has never even seen a photo of him.

>> he makes me laugh, i haven't smiled since god knows what.

>> i ask her why she looks nothing like the photo she posted. that's not really you, is it?

>> no, that was me when i was in high school .

>> in high school ?

>> yes.

>> it's time for me to tell jessica who i am. jessica , there's something i need to tell you and that is i'm chris hansen with "dateline" nbc. everybody changes over the years, i'm not being disrespectful but i don't think that's you.

>> that was me in high school .

>> what year did you graduate from high school ?

>> i stood back a couple of years, so i don't remember the exact date.

>> you don't remember the year you graduated from high school ?

>> no.

>> jessica .

>> i don't remember the exact year.

>> how could you not? everybody knows the year they graduate from high school . jessica has not stayed to finish her lunch, so who was that woman in the photo jessica posted?

>> it's embarrassing.

>> her name is kara mckinnett a college freshman we tracked down in maine.

>> i feel absolutely violated. it's my own personal identity and i feel like that's been taken from me.

>> as it turns out, jessica stole kara's photo from her facebook page. they were friends in high school , the class of 2012 . and that's just the tip of the iceberg . tonight at 8:00 eastern, 7:00 central you'll see all kinds of things that will blow your mind .

>> thank you, chris, we appreciate that, look forward to it and as chris mentioned see his report on dateline 8:00, 7:00 central on nbc.