TODAY   |  May 16, 2013

‘Sand Guys’ show how to make amazing sandcastles

Rusty Croft and Kirk Rademaker, also known as the Sand Guys, have amazing skill at creating beautifully detailed castles in the sand. The guys show off a creation they made for KLG and Hoda and give them some simple sculpting tips.

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simple ingredients. what's in your spread?

>>> check out these guys waiting for a train. it's a sand sculpture called train stop and just one of the amazing creations from rusty croft and kirk rademaker, also known as the sapped guys.

>> these guys take playing with sand to a whole new level and they've been busy creating something special for us in our own studios.

>> how long did it take you? what time did it start?

>> 10, 15 minutes.

>> did you guys as kids play in the sand a lot? is that how it all began?

>> playing in the dirt.

>> but you've got to be artistic by nature.

>> yeah.

>> you're both sculptors in real life ?

>> starting in building and realized -- what.

>> you got to be a kid. that's what you got to be. you got to be a kid at heart.

>> and you've got to be willing to let your beautiful creation be washed away by any tide that comes along or by any bully on the beach.

>> that's not so fun. but the fact that it's ephemeral and goes away is one of the best things about working with sand.

>> show us if regular people can do it like us. you're going to show us how to create a little window on the corner.

>> i'm good at this.

>> so crafty.

>> i'm good.

>> one of the tools we use, little power knives.

>> start at the top .

>> make a window.

>> you've made sand castles before, yeah?

>> i'm making a window.

>> or door or a -- big hole. excellent.

>> i thought that's what we were doing.

>> there's no right or wrong.

>> so you can fix it.

>> what was wrong with what i did.

>> it's a little crummy. i mean that in a sandy way.

>> you want to have moist sand, you've got to have the right kind, because sometimes it just -- you made it an oval.

>> how pretty or a little detail.

>> you guys take your show on the road, don't you?

>> absolutely.

>> sponsored by ocean potion.

>> doing sand castles in the sun tour this summer. we're going to coastal cities all over the country this year and bringing friends and family together for fun in the sun. that's the idea. get the family out there, your friends together.

>> and people can watch you all day long.

>> and what am i doing?

>> what is she doing over there.

>> let me show you here. you're going to get dirty.

>> i've been known to do that once or twice. i have two children.

>> this is a sand castle . use wet sand .

>> and when you make a