TODAY   |  May 16, 2013

Woman marks 50th birthday with hot makeover

Stylist to the stars Louis Licari and TODAY contributor Jill Martin make over two women: one who is celebrating her 50th birthday, and another whose daily wardrobe is jeans and a T-shirt.

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>>> welcome back to "today" on this thirst-day thursday, and it's the time where we reveal ambush makeovers for two women who were lucked off the plaza. with us is "today" contributor and stylist to the stars, louis liccari la la la la la

>> and "people" style watch editor and stylist, jill martin.

>> we had a gorgeous day, so many people to pick from. we found two great, great candidates.

>> you found someone named lynn quevo. 49 years old from portland, oregon. since she works as an electrician, she throws her hair back into a ponytail and baseball cap every day and was so thrilled to get the opportunity for a glam new look. let's take a listen to her story.

>> well, lynn normally wears a hard hat because i can't get over that you're an electrician.

>> yes, electrician.

>> so tell me about your usual uniform.

>> just jeans and t-shirt and --

>> and you're outside all the time.

>> a baseball cap and a ponytail.

>> and no makeup, ever?

>> no makeup.

>> your boyfriend, ron , for a year, what do you think of all this?

>> i think it's exciting.

>> you've never seen her obviously with a new look because it's been a year. so what do you think of her getting a new look?

>> i'm excited, i think it will be fun.

>> are you ready to get a little dolled up?

>> yes.

>> exciting.

>> her boyfriend, ron , please raise your hand? her brother, john and her friend sam with the upside-down blind blindfold. here's lynn before. all right, lynn , let's see the new you.

>> oh wow. lynn , you guys, ready? take off your blindfold.

>> whoa!

>> are you ready?

>> yup.

>> come right here and turn right here.

>> wow.

>> it's nice.

>> why don't you look here at camera 12. louis , tell us about the hair.

>> obviously most -- strongest thing i could hear, i made changes from a blonde to a brunette. which is a very bold thing to do. the perfect hair color to accents your skin color and beautiful eye color .

>> the highlights pass through, so it doesn't look monochromatic or goth.

>> let's start with ron the boyfriend, what do you think?

>> i'm amazed, gorgeous.

>> wow.

>> you like?

>> i always knew my sister was pretty, but i didn't know she was that pretty.

>> how about sam?

>> she's always looked the same ever since i met her. so big difference, beautiful, beautiful, i love it.

>> she wears a hard hat every day, no makeup. we thought we would go a little '60s mod, very in for spring, this is maggie london.

>> big round of applause for lynn . thank you.

>> now our second lady, laurie who is 50, from lake charles , louisiana. just turned 50. told us it was her dream to be made over on the " today show ," we decided to grant her birthday wish and give her a brand new style. let's listen to her story.

>> she was going to scribble my name in, because she didn't make the sign. no offense taken. so you want this?

>> yes.

>> dell me why?

>> i watch every makeover. i love that part of the show. and i just am excited to get the chance to do one.

>> what's your supportive sister think?

>> i think this is great, we're celebrating her 50th birthday, we came here specifically to see "the today show ."

>> okay. well we're going to ditch the sweatshirt and -- groove you up a little bit.

>> great, good, i'm excited.

>> she's adorable.

>> she's here with her sister. lisa .

>> hi, lisa .

>> one last look at laurie and bring out the new laurie !

>> oh!

>> wow.

>> you got that louis liccari red going on. all right, lisa .

>> wow!

>> so great.

>> you look fantastic. we're going to prove it to you. turn around, please.

>> oh wow.

>> oh, my gosh, i love it.

>> oh, my gosh.

>> i pumped her hair color up, a few shades of red make all the difference. vanessa gave her a great fantastic haircut. blow and dry, gorgeous right out of the shower and color story is complete with the makeup.

>> what do you think?

>> she's beautiful. just wonderful, thank you.

>> thank you.

>> people always say thank you, it's so sweet.

>> and jill, tell me about the dress?

>> 50th birthday, red lace, by elijah j. they're going 0 to two broadway shows .

>> what are they?

>> " lucky guy " and "pippen."

>> two home runs.