TODAY   |  May 16, 2013

‘Voice’ star: It was an emotional season

Vedo is a 20-year-old singer whose impressive and soulful singing skills earned him a spot with Team Usher on this season of “The Voice.” His mother passed away early in the season, but the singer says his emotional journey has become easier.

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>>> 20-year-old singer vito made his singing debut in front of millions of people on "the voice" impressing usher with his r&b sound.

>> for the first time this season. the final 12 sang for america's votes and none of the contestants could be saved by the judges. sadly vito 's journey came to an end. but he stopped by our studio and it's a pleasure to meet you.

>> thank you.

>> and you're talented and you're sweet.

>> i try to be.

>> you're a tribute to your mom.

>> a lot of us got to know you and your mom. we know your mom passed away early in the season and it was a very emotional journey for you singing on "the voice" wasn't it?

>> i think definitely it was emotional especially the beginning of it. the blind audition battle round. it was so close to when she had passed. i think that as i progress in the show and as i went on and advanced through rounds, i was thinking it had gotten easier for me, because it was almost like at a certain point like when i talk about my mom, when i talked about her, i would cry. but it was at a certain point when i talked about it, she wouldn't let me cry.

>> vito , we want to wish you the best of luck,