TODAY   |  May 16, 2013

Dean Cain shows Hoda ‘white guy’ dance moves

Actor Dean Cain stars in the upcoming VH1 series “Hit the Floor,” playing a pro basketball coach who has the tough job of picking the dancers who help cheer on his team. He tells Kathie Lee and Hoda that the cast is “ridiculously gorgeous,” and shows the ladies how he dances.

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>>> dean cain is well known for playing the heroic clark kent or superman in the mid '90s, and now on to a new adventure. in the new vh1 series called " hit the floor ."

>> he plays a professional basketball coach who gets recruited to pick the beautiful dancers who cheer on the team. they play the devil girls, take a look.

>> the entrance to the gym is this way.

>> there's no point in my being there.

>> oh, come on. you're judging finals, former all-star come back to coach your old team. this is an awesome promotion for you.

>> they're not promoting basketball. this is about the dancers who have gotten completely overmarketed by the way. they're marketed like blow-up dolls.

>> then it goes downhill from there.

>> although. it was great to see you. hi, dean. you've done ten episodes, a scripted series for vh1.

>> it's the second one they've tied. the cast is ridiculous. all the dancer girls, we'll sit around and have a cast read-through. kimberly least plays opposite of me and we'll look around the cast, are you kidding me, they're ridiculously gorgeous.

>> did you die when you got the script? did you say this is perfect for me.

>> the guy's a professional basketball coach and he gets to judge girls' dancing. i could spend my whole life wanting this.

>> it's almost a porno.

>> but it's legal.

>> did you play sports when you were younger?

>> i played professional football for the buffalo bills for half a season. well, okay, for 15, 20 minutes .

>> were you hurt?

>> i got hurt as a rookie. but i know the world.

>> your dreams were shattered?

>> they weren't.

>> they weren't?

>> i was probably 30 years old before i said i'm not going to play in the nfl any more. i was already shooting "lois and clark" before i thought i would hang it up. all of my friends are real coaches like jason garrett , coach of the dallas cowboys .

>> that's your -- that's your posse, huh?

>> yes.

>> posse is good.

>> now when you you played superman and people remember you as that. is it difficult to get cast in other roles sometimes because of something like that?

>> it can be. for me it's been no problem. i've done maybe 100 movies since then and it's great. i love the work i'll work on a $50 million movie or a $1 million movie.

>> and you have another mouth to feed by the way because your 13-year-old son lives with you.

>> he is a cutie.

>> we got to see his picture.

>> he looks just like me if i was blonde and perfect.

>> like everybody on your show.

>> how have your dance-judging skillsors, where do they come from?

>> from years of meticulously honing them on the dance floors. i've driven by scores.

>> there's video that you were there.

>> are you a good dancer?

>> am i a good dancer? it depends on when you ask me that question.