TODAY   |  May 16, 2013

KLG, Hoda weigh what’s worst about flying

Passengers who put their feet on armrests and flip their long hair behind their seats, ugh: TODAY’s Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb chat about some of the nightmarish flying experiences their Facebook friends have shared.

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>> announcer: "today," with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb . live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza .

>>> hey, everybody, we're so glad you're with us for thirst-day thursday, may 16th . big weekend coming up. it's supposed to be beautiful in the northeast.

>> for the first time when you woke up, you didn't really need a coat, that's been the first time in a while, right?

>> i think 5:05, i was out with the dogs and i thought it was going to be the most gorgeous day.

>> if you didn't win the powerball jackpot. don't worry, because nobody did and the jackpot is humungous, $475 million, which is half a billion, almost. half a billion dollars.

>> that you didn't even earn.

>> you just got it because you picked random numbers . is this the old one or new one?

>> that's the old one.

>> play, because the drawing is next saturday. it's going to get even -- this coming saturday?

>> yes.

>> now you were busy last p.m. what were you doing over there with david letterman , did he have his way with you, hoda?

>> it's kathie lee country over there.

>> not really.

>> i think so he had some fun with our show. and our drinking problem , as he calls it.

>> we don't drink, they just put it in front of us.

>> when are you on, 10:00 a.m . to 11:00 a.m .?

>> yes. we start drinking immediately at 10:00 .

>> you're being silly, you don't really drink.

>> we do.

>> every day?

>> every day.

>> do you think you thought about entering a program?

>> whose idea was it start drinking? it was kathie lee 's wasn't it?

>> you'd think it was.

>> what percentage of the time are the two of you incoherent?

>> i'm incoherent right now.

>> oh, pouring on the sexual charm for him.

>> what are you talking about?

>> the long egyptian legs. and playing with the hair. perfect.

>> i was not playing with my hair.

>> he's a sucker for that. awesome, hoda. you had your way with him.

>> he asked about your dogs, chardonnay and chablis. i said they passed away .

>> did he ask you about regis, my other dog?

>> no.

>> but he did ask about bambino?

>> yes.

>> you looked beautiful.

>> thank you. let's talk about those, this is story that was in the "new york post." we're not 100% confirmed. but it's been in the paper and a lot of folks are been talking about it. when you go to the big amusement parks and there's the long, long lines that you wait in with your kids.

>> in the burning sun at universal.

>> all of them. so hot there.

>> well they say that there are a group of mothers who have taken it upon themselves to hire disabled people for $1,000 a day, to be part of their group so that they can cut line and get to the front. so in other words, a disabled person is allowed to have six people with them. so you're allowed to bypass everybody in the long line and get on the ride before everyone and they say that there are some manhattan families that are doing this.

>> just manhattan?

>> that's what it says here.

>> well it's a new york paper.

>> i don't know, it sounds awful.

>> and if you can beat the system, any system, somehow. what are you teaching your children is the point of that. when you're totally misrepresenting somebody. when they're not a member of your family.

>> how fun is that to go around with people you don't even know, you have to pretend, you don't even know their middle name , it's just wrong, weird.

>> you have to see when people are getting ready to board airplanes, they call up the know, the elderly and those who need assistance with babies and stuff. inevitably in that group there's one or two --

>> limping.

>> they don't need it.

>> they just, they're getting on. they want to get on and that's how they're going to do it.

>> they want their space up top before anyone else gets it.

>> that's what i hate, because the plane is all full and you're getting on. in places like that you'll see a lot of people getting on planes with wheelchairs and when they get off, they're running off the plane.

>> would one of those be joanne la marka?

>> probably.

>> a spokesperson for disney said the company is upset with the abuse of the accommodations and is taking steps to deter this kind of activity from ever happening again. how much do we have to hear that?

>> that's all we hear from our leaders, constantly. we'll take steps to see justice.

>> abercrombie and fitch , they don't sell clothes to girls above a size 10.

>> but they will sell to large-size guys because they want the athletes.

>> so there was some backlash when we heard about the ceo who said he only wants beautiful people in his clothes.

>> only a certain type of person should buy his clothes.

>> let's live here for a minute.

>> kirstie alley was very upset.

>> she battled weight issues.

>> she said he kids would never shop there. and better than that there was a writer, greg carver, he was so upset about the comments, he decided to scoop up clothes and give them away to thrift shops and homeless people .

>> he spent a lot of money. that stuff is not cheap.

>> he's making a point, i guess the video has got tons and tons of hits. i don't know how many.

>> four million hits.

>> here it is.

>> handing out abercrombie and fitch . shifts to --

>> so a lot of needy people.

>> do they know how chic and hip it's supposed to be? do they care?

>> no. but i think he's making his point big-time.

>> like do you want -- and they're asking people in the video for folks who have mistakenly purchased abercrombie and fitch attire to give it away, to homeless people .

>> that's what he says.

>> so this has legs?

>> yes.

>> well, well. people don't like elitism. they don't. they just don't like it. it's fundamentally, they know it's wrong.

>> we're going to talk about plane complaints the other day. we got a lot of responses from you guys.

>> you're very smart. first of all, we didn't know, according to a lot of people on facebook. if you have the middle seat, you get first dibs on both arm rests.

>> you have no place to go and somewhere to do.

>> so the unspoken rule is, because you got stuck in the crummy middle seat, you get both arm rests. another girl got upset on the plane. she said you know the people who flip their hair over the back of the seat?

>> no, yeah.

>> your hair is getting such traction.

>> a life of its own.

>> what's going on with the hair? please explain it. the hair is big and you're into it and everyone's into it.

>> i don't know. it's most ridiculous thing in the world. but i'm going to keep wearing it this way for a while and getting attention. i walked out this morning and dean cain went, i heard a wolf whistle . do you know how long it's been since a heard a wolf whistle ? a long time.

>> doesn't that feel so good to hear that?

>> i didn't know if it was directed at me. this woman had hair so, so long, she flipped it over the back seat into this woman's lap. the flight attendant asked the girl three times to remove her hair. she did, but minutes later, flipped it back into over by now, linda's meal. it stayed there for six hours. linda was so ticked off. when it came time to get rid of her stale gum --

>> she's vindictive, this one.

>> she didn't do a nice thing. but some say she was justified.

>> she put it, you know where she put it.

>> that's terrible, that's aushl.

>> what the girl did or what the woman did?

>> both.

>> these sisters were flying from new york to ireland. there were two loud women behind them.

>> they happened to be french, i think.

>> one decided to be foot -- in the arm rest between the two sisters.

>> the foot was in between.

>> that would be like right here, somebody's foot.

>> yes, now we don't know what kind of shoe or.

>> or whether there was a shoe on it.

>> she said she was so disgusted. she picked up an arm rest. and sent it back. the woman shut up and kept her smelly feet to herself.

>> i think it's weird where people put their feet.

>> i think it's weird that people wear flip flops and their feet are filthy. and they have toe jam.

>> don't say that.

>> if you want to make hoda go crazy, say toe jam.

>> anchorman 2" is coming you, so i saw the actual version anch anchorman. this is the actual version of " afternoon delight ." gonna find my baby gonna hold her tight gonna grab some afternoon delight when it's right, it's right why wait until the middle a cold, dark night when everything is a clearer in the light of day doesn't this put you in the -- when we know the night is always gonna be here anyway thinking of you is working up an appetite looking forward to a little afternoon delight rubbing sticks and stones together

>> we've got to save some dime for this. if you need a good laugh, and who doesn't. we went yesterday to the golden theater to see -- "vanya, sonia, masha and spike." an unbelievable cast. six tony nominations.

>> sigourney weaver is in it.

>> hoda had to leave because you were doing letterman. i'm telling you, hoda, it has a great chance of winning the tony for best play . it's just hysterically funny.

>> look at the cast.

>> david hyde-pierce. the guy who plays spike.

>> with the bow tie .

>> he is genius. he's a real beefcake type. but so funny, you want to cry. and kathleen nielson, and it makes you laugh your spanx off and it makes you cry your eyes out. it was so well done.

>> such a great one.

>> i went to, i had to go to the ladies room because i had a long trip back to connecticut. i go to the ladies room. you know, the wednesday matinees, lots of women and i think it's an older theater, so they're probably five stalls. with about 200 women that need to go to the ladies room. so finally, they, they close down the men's room and let the women go, because it was going to be curtain time . believe me, sometimes you don't want to rush back to your seat. you don't want to miss what happens. so all of a sudden i'm waiting there in line and two guys come. come in -- drop it, and yup.

>> you were in there?

>> yes, we were all standing there.

>> yes, yes.

>> i'm going, okay.

>> and then the ladies behind me go -- guess what? and i said what? and she said hoda and kathie lee are here! and i said, they're here? and she said yes, you could get their autograph. and i said why would i want to do that because i'm kathie lee . oh, my god. oh, my gosh i'm going to write my memoir that i went to the bathroom in the men's room with you. you missed it yesterday.

>> i love it, i love it.

>> okay. not okay, hoda-woman.

>> is it okay for celebs to try online dating . martha stewart is trying it. let's see what we have to say.

>> it's hard enough to protect your privacy when you're a celebrity. why would you want to exposureself in such a way?

>> heck yes, who cares how you find love, as long as you find it.

>> that's what i'm saying.

>> i am totally in love with our little character.

>> love them.

>> wish we were as cute.