TODAY   |  May 16, 2013

Last-minute Memorial Day weekend getaways

If you thought you were too late to get a room in a great ocean community, you’re in for a pleasant surprise. Nilou Motamed of Travel + Leisure shares last-minute deals that will have you soaking up sun at a great price.

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>>> this morning on "today's" travel, memorial day weekend get aways. it is the traditional start of the summer season, but if you thought it was too late to book a room near the beach, we've got deals for you. good to see you.

>> good to see you, willie.

>> first thing you want to say about this is loyalty programs are a good place to start.

>> especially if you're renting a car and a lot of people do. definitely think about loyalty programs the same way you would for airlines. so maybe go and make sure that you can get access to fast breaks, which is some of the companies call them, which is basically you don't have to go up to the counter and get deals and points back to use for hotels, it's a great idea.

>> cool. let's get into some of these properties. i noticed a lot of these are smaller, more intimate spots which i like. and we start in maine.

>> i love kennebunkport. it is amazing in that it's right in dock square. you have access to everything it offers. so charming there, my favorite lobster roll place is the clam shack and you can walk there from here. i love this hotel, it's $169 a night. all the places we have, there's still availability right now. now in five minutes, i'm not sure. but you should call.

>> is it a good idea to bring kids to some of these smaller places?

>> you know, i think it's important to check with the owners and see what kind of vibe the place has, but all of these places are absolutely kid friendly.

>> let's move not too far away to the cape, the tip of the cape p-town.

>> provincetown is a beautiful place. this is a brand new inn. some people are nervous about staying in an inn because they think it's going to be too granny cozy, this place is the opposite. it is all white on white. the owner is the designer and your chef. he makes a mean breakfast burrito . so for $250 a night, they have a three-night minimum for memorial day weekend , you can stay and you have access to everything that cape cod offers and is a lot.

>> just to reiterate, it's not chachka filled.

>> very minimal.

>> the postcard inn in florida .

>> it's very close to tampa. the west coast of florida is beautiful. i love this hotel because it is playful. it's tongue in cheek. the there's a lot of fun in attitudes, it's a great place to go with friends and family. on a beautiful stretch of beach. you can do your kite flying and all the time on the beach. they have a great pool, as well. i also love they have something called a snack shack.

>> oh.

>> where they serve really hot wings .

>> really.

>> with a cold beer, that feels like memorial day to me.

>> nothing better than a hot florida beach with hot wings .

>> cold beer.

>> okay. good. and under $200 a night. let's move west to laguna beach .

>> dates back to 1925 , and laguna beach is one of the most stunning beaches in all of the u.s. in 2010 , they decided to add a series of suites themed for surfing. so i love the fact that you have a hotel within a hotel. these suites are not really expensive. again, $199, so under $200 a night. and this one we're looking at, the quick silver suite and feels like a combination between a surfer's lodge and maybe like a chalet in switzerland. amazing views from the deck and all of their food. i love to talk about food because when you travel, you need to eat. under $12, everything on their menu.

>> okay. all right. let's move up to the pacific northwest for our last one. the ocean inn in oregon.

>> this is in northern oregon. travel and leisure called this town one of the best small beach towns in the country. if you're looking for small town america that kind of feeling, this is a great place to stay. this has an interesting new england vibe. they all have kitchenettes. again, i'm talking about food. it's on my mind. very, very charming and you can go -- they have cruiser bikes you can take out, and they even give you tools to go clamming. have you ever been clamming?

>> i have been clamming.

>> yeah, they have a little thing.

>> i don't know if i'm good. but i've been.

>> you can make your own clams after you find them.

>> i wouldn't do it on my first try.

>> amazing value.

>> have a great memorial day weekend .

>> where are you headed?

>> i'm going to probably stick in the area. not go too far, although those look