TODAY   |  May 16, 2013

Nude portrait of Bea Arthur sells for $1.9 million

A portrait of actress Bea Arthur, best known for playing Dorothy on “The Golden Girls,” has sold at auction for a whopping $1.9 million.

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>>> as the stock market continues to reach new heights, so too is the art market. pulled in a record of $495 million on wednesday night in a contemporary art auction featuring works, and if you thought the $495 million figure wasn't impressive enough, this will impress you or at least it will stick in your memory. calling it golden girls gone wild. this is formally known as b. arthur naked. it is a portrait painted in 1991 of the " golden girls " star completely topless. we have fuzzed it out there, but it is truly topless. it sold for $1.9 million to matt lauer .

>> no, i bought the water color .

>> exactly. but $1.9 million.

>> anonymous bidder.

>> wow.

>> okay. it's beautiful, but that's a big price tag.

>> somebody really loves her.

>> i didn't know this was in existence.

>> didn't know. i have a nude of george helmsley -- sherman helmsley , i should say.