TODAY   |  May 16, 2013

Peek inside homes of John McCain, Annie Liebovitz

TODAY real estate contributor Barbara Corcoran shows off some celebrity homes currently for sale, including John McCain’s property in Phoenix, Ariz., and photographer Annie Liebovitz’s home in New York City’s West Village.

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>>> first, this is "today" on nbc.

>>> all right. we're back now at 8:46 with "today's" real estate. a tour of celebrity homes now on the market. "today's" real estate contributor, barbara, good morning. i like the selection this morning. there's really cool ones. let's start here in new york city . annie lebiwitz has put her townhouse.

>> it's actually three townhouses put together and has a work space on one side divided by a courtyard on the other side. a fabulous home. everything's been done in this home on the corner of greenwich which is the epicenter of where you want to live if you're looking to be in greenwich village . it's actually 10,000 square feet in total roughly. it's got four bedrooms, two baths and it's got 13 fireplaces. where are you going to get 13 fireplaces?

>> what jumped out at me, four bedrooms and 10,000 square feet , only two baths.

>> only two baths. you would not be an easy guy to sell to.

>> caught my attention. that's all right.

>> she's moving uptown and not going to find that 13 fireplaces up there, but you'll get the bath.

>> brace yourself.

>> it was $33 million, just to put in perspective it's now $29 million, still a little bit high priced.

>> all right. let's move out to arizona right now. and we have the former home of senator john mccain and his family. talk to me about this one and why is the home so special?

>> this home is special because it has history, it's still called a mccain house in the area. he's raised his family with seven kids with his wife cindy. and you can see this house has plenty of room. it was actually bought by an investor and she totally redid the house and now it's a tuscan mansion.

>> 14,000 square feet , 7 bedrooms.

>> imagine, and how many baths on that? i bet you didn't count the baths on that. it's actually 6 1/2 baths, but that doesn't count the guest house which has another four or five baths in there. this has a master suite, a jaquzzi tub. plenty of space, two guest cottages. this thing is a compound.

>> let me ask you, i was surprised to see the asking price of $2.9 million. i thought it would be higher.

>> this house ought to go because it has no work to be done and it has that history everybody's happy to pay for.

>> let's go to lake tahoe , okay, this is an incredible spread, it belonged to billionaire larry ellison , you know, the founder or co-founder of oracle. talk to me about this property.

>> what i like best about the property, i picture the guys there fat and happy because they made $96 million last year, he came from the lower east side , imagine living in this house after that background. good for him. it's got a screening room , a guest house , it has five bedrooms and three baths in the guest house alone. all in all, the whole house has six bedrooms, 8 1/2 baths, a soundproof room, i could go and on and on and on. in that particular area, values have gone up by 30%. he's been making money .

>> and the price we'll get to in a second. but the views --

>> the views are --

>> lake tahoe is a gorgeous place.

>> this house is perched right in the best spot of lake tahoe .

>> it should be the best spot, it's $28.5 million. let's go to calabasas, california, a beautiful mansion for sale. this one, owned by nba all-star mitch richmond .

>> and this one is the ultimate guys' crib. there wouldn't be a woman that put stuff in the house that he put in the house . it's got a water slide, basketball court , built-in barbecue, sports bar , a beauty salon , wine secellar. and a children's homework room. and the backyard comes with a pool with its own giant waterfall. come on. that's just a little basketball court . why not?

>> how do you feel about the price of $9.49 million.

>> i don't know, that's a lot of money for this part of the country. but if you're going to buy into all that stuff, why not blow $10 million on this?

>> sure, easy for you to