TODAY   |  May 16, 2013

Seth Meyers: I owe Fallon ‘a debt of gratitude’

The “Saturday Night Live” star chats about his new gig, taking over Jimmy Fallon’s “Late Night” when Fallon heads to “The Tonight Show,” saying he still plans to be back for the first half of “SNL” in the fall because he’s not “emotionally ready” for his last Saturday show.

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>> a lot of people are talking about the upcoming move to " late night ." congratulations.

>> thank you. it's great to be here. thanks for having me.

>> yeah, i'm fighting a cold, that's why he's doing that.

>> you're a trooper to be here because you're not feeling well at all and you haven't had any rest lately.

>> it's a cold.

>> just a regular cold. but no doctor says that the way to beat a cold is work all night on a comedy show.

>> no stress.

>> exactly.

>> you obviously with " snl " 12 years with lorne michaels . he's going to be the e.p. of this show. you're going to take it to the next level?

>> yeah, it's very funny to say my relationship with lorne michaels is strong, but i guess that's accurate.

>> it seems to be firm ground for people who want to go on and host their own late night talk show. why is that?

>> i think i owe a debt to jimmy to show it's a nice progression. i'm very happy to be doing it. but i think if you sit at that update desk, you know, you learn how to talk about topical stories and certainly with the guests you learn to talk to crazy people . although, when you do " late night ," they're really crazy people .

>> you have until probably around february to plan what you want the show to be. and i guess everyone's asking you what the show's going to be.

>> yeah, it's strange to get a job that doesn't start for eight or nine months. i think it'll be one of those things where the first show you do, you're going to learn a thousand things you didn't know yet.

>> do you see a recurring role for us?

>> if you guys can stay up that late, i'd love to have you.

>> jimmy doesn't start for quite a while on the " tonight show ." i was on with jimmy the other night. and he said despite the fact this is down the road, you've started sending him threatening letters saying your going to be taking over the show.

>> that's what history has bourn out over the years so it's foolish to think i won't be gunning for him.

>> is this what you've always dreamed of as a kid?

>> it's weird, my dream was " snl ," i'm one of those unfortunate people that i'm just playing off the string.

>> it's all downhill from here?

>> i was just trying to find a job that had health insurance .

>> are you going to be on the same floor across the street?

>> i don't think i'll be on the same floor, but the same building and that's exciting.

>> and about the same time. gives opportunities for you guys to do cameos on each other's show?

>> yes, i think if we can figure out how to get back and forth, it'll be fun to cameo.

>> the most exciting thing for me that the guy who had the job before me will be in the same building.

>> did you set him on speed dial ?

>> he's pretty close, yeah. but i think number one is program throughout the building is to be lorne.

>> exactly.

>> we're all going to end up working for him at some time. i think he's going to produce "meet the press."

>> it's like it's very slowly we're all sleeping on the fact that this is how he takes over.

>> " snl " is this grueling schedule. do you think this will be easier, dare i say it?

>> i can't imagine it's less grueling. the thing this will have less of that " snl " has is the crazy late nights. the thing i'll miss most, our writing night is tuesday night, we all sleep at the office, we're all up when this show starts and my favorite thing when you guys have a band, we want to open up the windows and go, people are trying to work.

>> we already have that.

>> exactly.

>> right above the bakery. you've got about 8 months to go. are you going to take a little time off?

>> i am going back to " snl " in the fall and do the first half --

>> that's kind of crazy.

>> it's crazy, but i'm nowhere near emotionally ready for saturday to be my last show. i wouldn't be able to handle that.

>> do you know if there'll be a band or anything?

>> do you have a band?

>> well, i do play a little guitar. do you like depressing chick music.

>> yeah, take us out, savannah.

>> everyone's slitting their wrists.

>> and he wonders who he claimed to be.

>> i've changed, though, now, i'm happier now. all right. thank you.

>> congratulations.