TODAY   |  May 15, 2013

Joy’s cook-off! Viewers compete for best one-pot dish

TODAY nutritionist Joy Bauer found three great one-pot recipes among many sent in from viewers across the country, and Kathie Lee and Hoda choose the winner among shrimp and sausage,  Thai-inspired chicken and couscous, and Provençal-style fish bake.

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>> it's time for today's" joy-ful cook-off" we have viewers to send in their healthiest one-pot res piece and you delivered.

>> we narrowed it down to three finalists who will compete for the grand prize this very second.

>> who are they.

>> jackie.

>> tina.

>> i bet it's margie berry.

>> and mistress of ceremonies is joy bauer. everything smells fantastic.

>> like the lasagna round we had, we got massive amounts of viewer applicants. i have to say they were all amazing, but these three really stood out.

>> they're one-pot meals that are healthy.

>> healthy and slimming. each of these per portion are under 400, and they're also busting with fiber.

>> shall we start? we want to test them.

>> go to your stations. i'm so excited.

>> this is jackie's quinoa paella. as you can tell from the name instead of using rice, she's using protein punched quinoa. it gets flavor from the peppers and the tomatoes.

>> oh, my god.

>> isn't that great? and by the way, it cooks up in 20 minutes .

>> what?

>> wow.

>> mm.

>> is anybody else in this contest?

>> moving right along.

>> so next we have --

>> i love this segment.

>> this is tina's thai inspired chicken and couscous. i love that she's using couscous. you can get whole grain couscous in just about any mainstream supermarket now. and she also uses peanut butter which automatically makes it kid friendly.

>> oh, my god!

>> boosts up the nutrition, the protein and the fiber.

>> i love that sweet flavor. let me just have one more.

>> we got to go to margie .

>> margie , what have you done? you goofball.

>> this is provencal style fish bake. it easily comes together. but look at this, elegant enough to serve at a fancy shmancy.

>> we'll use the same dish.

>> dinner party. instead of starch she's using white beans which adds calcium and protein and fiber. my favorite part is the bottom layer is caramelized onion and fennel.

>> wait, hold on. i want to get in here.

>> isn't that scrumptious.

>> wait, hold on.

>> mm.

>> delicious. i love with the olives.

>> what kind of fish did you use here?

>> halhalibut.

>> you can use cod as well. these recipes will all be or your website.

>> if you love fish, you'll love one. if you love couscous or shrimp.

>> we need a winner.

>> are you guys nervous?

>> you guys were all delicious. if you love pad thai you'll go crazy for this one, if you love fish, you'll go crazy for this one. but we love shrimp!

>> congratulations. you get this lovely gift basket.

>> oh, my gosh.

>> wow.

>> thank you so much.

>> thank you, joy.

>> almost time to play who knew? and guess who stuck around to get in the