TODAY   |  May 15, 2013

Candace Cameron Bure: More family shows ‘important’

Actress Candace Cameron Bure, known for her role as DJ Tanner on “Full House,” plays a high-powered surgeon in the GMC TV romantic comedy “Finding Normal.” She tells KLG and Hoda that it’s important for her to continue acting in wholesome family shows that are sometimes hard to find these days.

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>>> we all got to know her and love her when she was just a little girl playing dj on " full house ." now she has a full house of her own, isn't that cute?

>> the mother of three is back on tv. she's starring in the gospel channel's original musical "finding normal."

>> okay, jethro. you see this? it's called a cell phone. pi know you've probably never seen one before. like a tv or one of them moving pictures . it communicates from a satellite high above our heads. so high you can't hardly imagine it.

>> whoa. you've got an issue, don't you, girl.

>> not a bedside manner.

>> you're acting again and we're happy for you. what made you decide to step back into the acting world?

>> you know, because i love it. i've been doing it for so long. and stay at home mom for ten years. but i've been back about five years and working, and enjoy it. my kids are older. so i'm able to do that and balance it.

>> last time i saw you we were at that wonderful gospel music festival out in california somewhere. met her husband. and tasted -- she's got a winery.

>> of course she does.

>> we wonder why we like her so much.

>> and your kids are so adorable. the wine is called --

>> bure family wines.

>> it's got 96 points out of 100 from robert parker , excuse me very much.

>> that's why she was invited on our program.

>> exactly. no, no, no. but congratulations on that.

>> thank you.

>> tell us about your role in this movie. you do have an edge, clearly.

>> it was very fun to play. but she's the doctor that's moving across country, and she gets stuck in this little, tiny town and she has to serve community service . but it gives her this whole new life perspective because of what the people represent in the town and they're family oriented. she's kind of like, okay, i have this path set out for my own life, but maybe it's not the path that god has laid out for me. to re-evaluate. a good family film .

>> it looked like you were trying to change them but you're the one that ends up getting changed.

>> exactly.

>> but there's something satisfying about that.

>> and he's a cutie, how does mr. bure feel about him?

>> he doesn't watch everything that i do. it's all family and wholesome. but it's odd when you're married and you're flirting with people on camera.

>> and kissing and stuff.

>> i don't think too much of that, but it happens.

>> tv has changed so much with reality shows creeping in. what do you think about the landscape? because you were out there when everything was more wholesome and family friendly , now it's turned this way.

>> that's why i do movies like i do, because i really want family programming. as a mom, it's important to me and just as a woman, it's what i want to do to contribute. so i'm glad there's some great networks out there that still have it. that's what i want to be part of.

>> you have to go looking for it.

>> what if your children wanted to be in the entertainment industry ? how would you feel about it? any showing the desire?

>> my daughter loves to sing and dance and act. and she's having a lot more fun being a 15-year-old at this point. but i'm supportive if she really wants to get into it because i have a great persons. and i would know how to help her navigate through that.

>> a lot of child actors don't. they end up like you --

>> mug shots.

>> yeah, no. and my boys have no interest. they want to be hockey players like their dad.

>> we wish you the best of luck.

>> thanks for coming to see us. good luck with the wine.

>> forget about the movie, the wine. no, just kidding. you can catch the premier of the adorable movie sunday on the gospel music channel .