TODAY   |  May 15, 2013

Elvis Duran: Nikki Williams’ voice ‘fills up the room’

Nationally recognized radio host Elvis Duran introduces Kathie Lee and Hoda to his artist of the month: Nikki Williams, a 24-year-old singer- songwriter from South Africa. She performs her new hit single “Glowing,” which has more than 900-thousand hits on YouTube.

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>>> oh, you got your own cartoon.

>> we are back with more on this winesday wednesday. it's that time when national radio deejay elvis duran picks his hot new artist of the month.

>> today it's singer/songwriter nikki williams. a brand new single today.

>> i love coming in every month.

>> don't you love it.

>> bringing new music to my girlfriends. i'm in love with nikki williams. first of all, originally from south africa . from south africa to nashville. her music is just like her, all over the map. you listen to her album, everything, dance, pop, rock.

>> the album won't be out till the summer but the single we'll hear today.

>> i've heard things you haven't heard yet.

>> oh, really.

>> you say she's going to be a huge star.

>> nothing but music for nikki . that's her life. and when she sings she fills up the room. i just saw her in milwaukee. she filled up a bar with no microphone.

>> you choose who your singer of the month is.

>> when you hear her sing, you'll know why. talk to nikki , she doesn't bite.

>> nikki , nikki , nikki . you're not just a singer you're a songwriter. you wrote a song for demi lovato .

>> i did.

>> what's the song.

>> called "hot as heck."

>> we're not used to hearing a south african nashville accent.

>> i've always been a pop singer , but every now and again i like to go into a little bit of soul. so i can cry when i sing.

>> i like it.

>> who are your influences when you were growing up?

>> you know what? alanis morissette .

>> yeah.

>> janis joplin .

>> that's your wheelhouse.

>> etta james . yes.

>> do you like the poppy stuff, the dance poppy music?

>> i do. you know what? there are a couple of remixes that i just performed at ultramusic festival with him. i really like the world a lot.

>> the song "glowing" that she's about to perform won't be the version on the album. the album version is so infectious, it will make you crazy. it's a little more mellow when she sings it for us today.

>> you have a little piano accompaniment coming in today?

>> i do.

>> she looks just like liberace. same jewelry.

>> take it away. a million hearts you're the only one who lights it up like i'm glowing in the dark a million hearts you're the only one who lights me up like i'm glowing in the dark this is my confessional seven seconds till i hit the crowd but you save my life

>> oh!

>> they can hear her all the way downto downtown.

>> yeah.

>> when you hear the album version , it will make you want to get off your chair and dance.

>> we can say we heard it first.

>> the download is "glowing" and the album is coming out later.

>> this summer.

>> nice to meet you.