TODAY   |  May 15, 2013

8 foods that will help curb your appetite

Cutting calories isn’t easy, and it doesn’t help if you feel hungry all the time. Registered dietitian Elizabeth Somer is here to help those hunger pangs go away, sharing foods that will keep you feeling full and satisfied.

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>>> off today, foods that tame your appetite. cutting calories isn't easy, as you know. it doesn't help if you're hungry all the time.

>> registered dietitian elizabeth summer has secrets for making the hunger pains go away for good. good morning.

>> good morning.

>> we all know the saying calorie in, calorie out, that you have to burn it to lose the weight. you say you can eat more but still manage to take off the pounds.

>> that's right. you can tame your appetite if you do it right. whole grains, for instance. it's not a weight thing in terms of body weight but food weight. research from penn state found we feel full and push away from the table when we have eaten a certain volume or weight of food.

>> whole grains have a lot of -- they soak up everything else.

>> they have fiber and water which have no calories. they have a lot of weight to them, especially if they are cooked whole grains like oatmeal. also oatmeal has a special fiber that helps to balance your blood sugar level so you are less likely to dip into the cookie jar later.

>> good protein, also.

>> old fashioned oatmeal is great but if you don't have time look for a sugar free like quaker perfect portions and you have a breakfast that will stick with you.

>> so not wheat grass . this is not unreasonable.

>> you don't have to shop at the health food store to eat right. take the same concept, water and fiber.

>> add volume.

>> to your first course. research shows people who have a broth based soup consume fewer calories and feel more satisfied or a beverage like tomato juice or a smoothie. you will feel fuller and consume fewer calories.

>> you want to get protein as well but it doesn't have to be meat.

>> absolutely not. there are three ingredients for weight loss -- fiber, water, protein. protein takes a long time to digest so you stay satisfied so you don't necessarily overeat later. beans are a perfect way to get those three ingredients for weight loss . add them to salad, soup, stew, dips. chicken breast , no skin.

>> keep it lean.

>> we hear about omega-3s. remind us what they are and why they are good to have.

>> omega-3, everyone heard to lower your risk of heart disease , in seafood lower your risk of depression, alzheimer's disease possibly. now we have preliminary evidence they may add in weight loss . i don't know if it's changing your metabolism or your appetite, we need more research. but dha has been shown to increase weight loss in people who are over weight . so salmon or foods fortified with dha omega 3 .

>> or a supplement.

>> there are three omega 3s and they are not created equal. flax, walnuts, soy.

>> all different.

>> you like the dha .

>> it has to be the ones in seafood.

>> spicy foods for snacks. we all like chips and salsa. you say to go for the salsa.

>> there you go.

>> they help boost the metabolism.

>> a little bit. capsaicin in red chilies boosts metabolism a little bit. people say they feel more satisfied when the meal is spicy, flavorful. adding ginger, kbar lick, curry, lemon grass helps you feel satisfied. i was in bali and i was more satisfied and didn't want dessert after a meal spiced up.

>> you say milk helps tame the appetite?

>> we had research that said given the same amount of calories if the diet was rich in calcium people lost more fat weight. we haven't had subsequent research to prove it. now we are looking with vitamin d. you can't get enough from milk. you have to supplement.

>> great for the bones. important as well.