TODAY   |  May 15, 2013

‘Great Gatsby’-inspired fashion: ’20s with a twist

The much-anticipated film has inspired a revival of 1920s glamour and glitz with a modern twist. TODAY fashion contributor Zanna Roberts Rassi shows off “Gatsby”-inspired looks for daytime, evening, and more.

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on today's style, gatsby inspired fashion and beauty. the much anticipated movie "the great gatsby " raked in $15 million on the opening weekend. now the glitz and glamour is being reworked with a modern twist. dana joins us from marie claire magazine .

>> good morning.

>> i loved the roaring '20s. it's the most beautiful, glamorous decade.

>> so much fun.

>> great to see the comeback perhaps thanks to the movie.

>> absolutely. the movie is the biggest fashion extravaganza. all the looks trickled down to the runway, the red carpet .

>> we are doing it with a modern twist. let's start with the daytime look, the gatsby day look. we have brittany coming out. you say she could be headed to frolic at a garden party wearing this beautiful outfit.

>> frolicking in a garden party . brittany looks fabulous. it's a misconception that everything has to be short and flapper-like. the longer calf-like skirts were in trend then.

>> so pretty.

>> pleats, so easy to wear. we have the top with beading and the cardigan. you don't want to be too revealing. the pearls. it's a today version. the heels, flats are coming back, guys. the big heel will be out.

>> so the platform shoes? good, makes it more comfortable for all of us.

>> the lower the better.

>> she's gorgeous. thank you, brittany . i love the longer skirt length. from day to night with the gatsby evening look. let's take a look at jen. this is where you see it truly in full form.

>> really. more is more.

>> looks like daisy.

>> daisy buchanan right here. she looks so pretty. this is $150 at macy's. this heel is almost like a firework embellishment. headband and the pearls. she has the little slipper as well. the thing about this is a tank shape. anyone can wear it. it's nothing too restricting or body conscious. works for all body types .

>> and this is for a formal occasion.

>> absolutely.

>> you take bits and pieces of the look and incorporate it into a nighttime look at well.

>> that's the thing with the trend. you can just wear the accessories, adapt it in any which way.

>> which we'll show you next. thank you very much. you look gorgeous. next the gatsby -inspired accessories. that's what makes the whole look come together. here we have kamur, i hope i pronounced that correctly.

>> the headband is synonymous with the 1920s . we have the pearls, necklaces. these are from nordstrom's rack. we have the forever 21 head band . you can pick and choose. i like the idea of the sparkle worn with pearls. they set each other off nicely.

>> got the fringed dress.

>> for the charleston dancing.

>> there you go. we'll have the charleston change. well done. thank you.

>> thanks. lastly, the beauty. let's talk about the style of the makeup and the hair and what defined the decade. here we have janine. tell us how she -- you brought this look together for her.

>> there are signature things like the pin curls. heavy black eye liner, the stained lip.

>> cat eye.

>> we wanted a modern day version. she's gorgeous. we didn't want too much makeup. it's looser hair.

>> i like it to the side. we saw that on the runway and the red carpet .

>> yes. mac did a line with great gatsby gatsby . there are fabulous products out there. it's just a stain on the lip. love the pearls, another trend on the red carpet .

>> and the pearls to the back like that which is also something we saw a lot even after we saw anne hathaway wearing a necklace to the back.

>> absolutely. jean anne is a stylist. she's done it many times for her clients.

>> come on out for a last look to inspire us. all right. i'm feeling very great gatsbyesque. thank you, zanna.

>> thank you.